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Commerzbank Adds To ETC Range

Written by Staff

January 24, 2012 12:09 (CET)

Commerzbank has launched 16 new exchange-traded commodities, expanding their Brent crude oil and natural gas range and adding new copper products.

In November the issuer listed four ETCs based on the Natural Gas Future December 2011 and the Oil Brent Crude Future January 2012, giving investors the opportunity to go short or long by a leverage factor of either one or two. Eight of the new products expand the positive and inverse leverage options to three and four, all with a management fee of 0.75 percent.

The remainder of the new launches, all of which are listed on Deutsche Boerse’s Xetra platform, have been designed to allow investors access to the copper market. The underlying index tracks its positive and inverse performance, with leverage factors ranging from one to four. Management fees vary from 0.40 percent to 0.75 percent.

These strategy indices, which are calculated by Commerzbank, track the underlying commodity futures contracts and are made up of a leverage component and an interest rate component. The leverage component is based on the daily percentage movements of the futures contract in the index, while the interest rate component comprises an investment in a money market instrument, minus index fees and the costs of collateralisation.





Europe Blog

Friday, January 27, 2012 14:43 (CET)

Posted By Paul Amery

Paul Amery

By comparing two low-volatility offerings in the US, it’s easy to see why ETFs continue to gain at the expense of other funds



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