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Amundi Expands Fixed Income Range

Written by Staff

January 30, 2012 14:26 (CET)

Amundi has launched a new ETF to allow investors short-term access to Europe’s highest-rated government bonds.

The new fund tracks the EuroMTS Highest Rated Government 1-3 Index, which is comprised of  bonds with a maturity of one to three years issued by Eurozone member states with at least two Triple-A ratings.

Amid the continuing Eurozone crisis, earlier this month MTS announced changes to the names of its family of AAA and ex-AAA indices, with the family of EuroMTS AAA Government Bond Indices becoming the EuroMTS Highest Rated Government Bond Indices.

The ETF’s underlying index is rebalanced each month, however it must contain a minimum of five issuers. Therefore, if one of the countries included is downgraded and no longer meets the investment grade criteria, it will remain in the index until a new issuer meets the criteria for inclusion.

At present, the index is made up of bonds issued by Austria, Finland, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Amundi ETF Eurozone Highest Rated Govt EuroMTS 1-3 has a total expense ratio of 0.14 percent and is listed on NYSE Euronext.




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Friday, January 27, 2012 14:43 (CET)

Posted By Paul Amery

Paul Amery

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