Anon System – Costs and Fees

Last Updated: 4 December 2022

The Anon System is another Bitcoin Auto Trading trading system that works with bots to automatically control the individually set trading processes. It observes the trading and market processes extensively and closely.

It does this in a constant way in real time so that it is always up to date. It therefore works without any delay. Nevertheless, you can keep control over the bots via the parameters. They are effectively “news spies” that help gather information about the current market situation, which they do via computational algorithms.

They respond to specific trading signals that either guide buying or selling. So how are the profitable messages reached? The system does this through a pool of information, such as data from the internet, global news, the financial index and foreign markets.

The data is passed to a broker to be interpreted as credible by the broker to identify gaps and opportunities in all markets. They run more efficiently and faster than traditional trading processes.

However, a service may come at a cost if it replaces proprietary manual processes. This is also true for Anon System as Bitcoin Auto Trading. The bots can react very well to different price trends.

Anon System experiences and test

This also assumes that the programme has already worked with a lot of data and platforms and news from the internet, or that the artificial intelligence has gained experience in order to constantly improve.

For example, the bot only buys when the price is at an absolute low, and then sells again at higher prices in order to achieve the highest possible profits. This possibly offsets the costs for the use or the initial deployment.

Only in the rarest cases does the bot speculate, for example if there are several price changes at once. But even then, the possible profits are still higher than (90% return) the losses due to the residual risk.

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But a risk can also arise from wrong (manual) parameters, as the bot can foresee more than humans.

In total, one has to invest 250 euros as starting capital, which is the actual cost already. The demo account for testing the service and the functions of the bots is free of charge.

The functions in the demo account are still limited and in general there are not so many possibilities to determine the bots via the parameters in a new and different way. This can be somewhat disadvantageous for the necessary control, so that the risk can be somewhat higher again if you have to trust the bot more.

But due to its professionalism mentioned above, there should be no difficulties with this. The registration with the name and email address does not cost any money. The demo account, the free registration and the low deposit amount also stand for a seriousness of the system.

And if something goes wrong, you can always withdraw the amount or leave it in the account, just like with a savings account.


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