Anon System – how to make a deposit?

Last Updated: 19 November 2022

Through the Anon System you can trade bitcoin and other digital currencies in a very simple way. When you create an account here, you don’t need to do anything more than make a deposit and you can start trading on the market.

How does the deposit work at Anon System?

If you have previous experience with other providers in this area, there is little new news here. The deposit process here is also very classic and the usual providers are offered for deposit.

Depending on which payment method you choose, you can entwerder immediately use the money, or must wait a few days until these are credited.

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Which payment antennas are available for deposit?

As already mentioned, there are few surprises here, because The Anon System also relies on the deposit methods offered by most other providers as well.

If you have not made so many online payments yourself, you still have the option here to make the payment by bank transfer. But it is certainly faster with a credit card or Paypal, both of which are also offered.

The payment with for example a Paysafecard is not available at the moment, so you can not make an anonymous payment.

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Which payment method is recommended when depositing?

If you are newly registered in a system and make the first deposit, in most cases you also want to start directly with the action, so here you should bet on the payment methods such as Paypal or credit card.

In these two cases, the money is credited within a few minutes and you can start trading at the same time. However, if you do not have these two methods at your disposal, you will have to look for another deposit method.

This can be found under deposits in the menu. Besides the already mentioned options, there are a lot of alternatives, but they are not so well known. So, if you have some patience, you can also make a deposit with the classic bank transfer.

The disadvantage is here as already mentioned allerdigs that one must wait here enige days until the money is booked with the provider and this one the deposited money also on the customer account credits.

Can the same methods also be used to withdraw funds?

Yes, about the selected deposit method you can also always withdraw the winnings again. Here, too, the same applies as with the deposit: Paypal and credit card are significantly faster than the payout by bank transfer.


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