Binance Faces Setback as Key Banking Partner Withdraws Support

Last Updated: 3 July 2023

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance has received a significant setback as Paysafe Payment Solutions, its European banking partner, has announced its decision to discontinue its embedded wallet solution across the European Economic Area (EEA) starting September 25. This development comes at a time when Binance is already under scrutiny from regulators concerned about potential money laundering activities. Binance has confirmed the news and stated that it will be seeking a new banking provider for euro transactions through the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

The Impact on Binance’s European Operations

Paysafe Payment Solutions’ decision to terminate its wallet solution will have implications for Binance’s operations in the EEA. The embedded wallet solution, which facilitated euro deposits and withdrawals, will no longer be available to Binance users. However, Binance has assured its customers that alternative methods of depositing and withdrawing fiat currencies, as well as trading cryptocurrencies on, will remain unaffected during this transition period.

Seeking a New Banking Provider

With Paysafe’s withdrawal, Binance is now tasked with finding a new banking provider to handle euro transactions through SEPA. Although Binance did not disclose specific details about the new partner, the company stated that it is actively working on securing a replacement. A spokesperson from Binance has promised to provide more information regarding the new banking provider at a later date.

Paysafe’s Decision and Regulatory Scrutiny

Paysafe Payment Solutions’ choice to terminate its wallet solution comes amidst increasing regulatory scrutiny faced by Binance. Authorities are focusing their efforts on combating money laundering activities within the cryptocurrency industry. As part of these efforts, Binance and its U.S. affiliate recently reached an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding the safekeeping of customer assets within the United States during an ongoing lawsuit filed by the regulatory agency.

Binance’s Prior Partnership with Paysafe

Binance’s collaboration with Paysafe, which enabled users to deposit sterling via Faster Payments in the United Kingdom, was established last year. This partnership provided Binance users with a convenient way to engage in transactions using British pounds.


Paysafe Payment Solutions’ decision to discontinue its embedded wallet solution across the European Economic Area presents a fresh challenge for Binance. The cryptocurrency exchange must now find a new banking provider to handle euro transactions via SEPA. Nevertheless, Binance has assured its users that they will not experience any disruption in deposit and withdrawal methods or cryptocurrency trading on This setback occurs at a time when Binance is already navigating increased regulatory scrutiny, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry.

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