Bitcoin 360 Ai Review – Is it SCAM?

Last Updated: 28 November 2022


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Paul Amery, Chief Editor, IndexUniverse

Paul Amery, Chief Editor

Bitcoin 360 AI Summary

Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, BTG, ADA, DASH
Claimed Success Rate 83,8%
Fees and Commissions None
Minimum Deposit $ 250
Mobile App No
Withdrawal Time 24 hours


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Trading software Bitcoin 360 AI is a relatively recent addition to the cryptocurrency trading market that streamlines activity. You’ll get a thorough grasp of how the platform works and whether it’s the right one for you in our Bitcoin 360 AI review.

Users can trade on coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others with the help of Bitcoin 360 AI, a cryptocurrency trading robot. This Bitcoin 360 AI review looks at the robot’s attributes, advantages, and disadvantages to determine if these allegations are legitimate.

What Is Bitcoin 360 Ai?

Bitcoin 360 Ai was built with the help of seasoned and novice traders to maximize their trading expertise. It is a fully automated cryptocurrency trading bot that can assist beginning and advanced users.

To execute automated trading on behalf of the user, the Bitcoin 360 Ai platform employs cutting-edge technology, trading breakthroughs, and artificial intelligence. Those who use it have shown that it is a very successful trading instrument. Bitcoin 360 Ai’s primary goal is to make trading as simple and efficient as possible. Bitcoin 360 Ai was created to automate your cryptocurrency trading and succeeded in its mission. Bitcoin 360 Ai is ideal for beginners and experienced traders who don’t have time to trade for hours daily because of its user-friendly interface.

Bitcoin 360 Ai Review – Is it SCAM by

To study the cryptocurrency market 24/7, Bitcoin 360 Ai employs complex mathematical algorithms. Bitcoin 360 Ai, on behalf of the user, makes informed and calculated trading decisions using the data collected. To succeed in executing trades and increase the user’s profit, Bitcoin 360 Ai employs artificial intelligence. This Bitcoin 360 Ai review will give you all the knowledge you need before making a purchase, as previously stated.

How Does Bitcoin 360 AI Work?

Alpha trading, according to Investopedia, is the capacity of a specific crypto trading strategy to outperform the market. Maybe there’s a way to set a stop loss, take profit order, and so on. See our list of frequent Twitter users who use “crypto.” According to, the price action of bitcoin and other vital assets is identified as alpha. It may be employed with MetaTrader 4 or MT5 as a stand-alone crypto trading bot. It’s a computer program that uses market data to anticipate future asset price fluctuations and analyze them.

The program then signals to traders, allowing them to make profitable deals. One of the key advantages that many traders utilize this approach is the system signals’ supposed precision. Set up an account on their website and fund your account with Bitcoin-360 Ai. The fact that it is free is the primary benefit of this system.

When searching for a suitable crypto trading tool for your needs, you’ll be confronted with many options as technology develops rapidly. These various trading systems might seem bewildering, and selecting one to put your trust in might seem even more difficult. You might be curious whether Bitcoin 360 Ai is a fraud. According to our tests, Bitcoin 360 Ai is a trustworthy and legitimate business, not a rip-off.

Understandably, it can be challenging to determine who you may trust and who isn’t a phoney when there are so many fakes around. You can be confident that you’re dealing with genuine trading software when using Bitcoin 360 Ai. Bitcoin 360 Ai has teamed up with CySEC-licensed brokers to assist you in managing your account and navigating the volatile cryptocurrency market. As a consequence, an SSL certificate protects your data.

Even if the trading is done on your behalf, it may be difficult for a beginner trader to trade with crypto. As a result, Bitcoin 360 Ai has a 24/7 customer care centre to ensure that your needs are always met and that you are never in the dark. Understandably, you have a lot of questions and inquiries. Moreover, numerous online reviews from consumers have praised Bitcoin 360 Ai trading and the profit it has generated for them.

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Features of Bitcoin 360 Ai

To help you trade, there are a variety of crypto trading bots to choose from. Users of Bitcoin 360 Ai can take advantage of various cool features on the website. When choosing to start your trading career, we’ve highlighted a few essential features that should make dealing with Bitcode Method a terrific choice. What sets Bitcoin 360 Ai apart from other trading applications on the market is outlined below.

User-friendly Interface

Gold 360 Ai has been created to make your life easier, so it has endeavoured to make navigation as simple as possible.

Place Trades Simultaneously

Because of the sophisticated algorithm and use of AI, you may make several trades at once using Bitcoin 360 Ai.

Emotion-free Trading

As previously stated, Bitcoin 360 Ai is a fully automated crypto trading platform that eliminates the possibility of human error when executing trades. This makes trading safe and secure since you won’t be swayed by emotion or impulse.

No Licensing Cost

Your 250 Euro minimum deposit, which functions as your capital for your first trades, is all you must pay for Bitcoin 360 Ai.

High Profitability

Your rewards might be great without needing to understand how to trade effectively since the Bitcoin 360 Ai platform examines the market and offers you advice.

Trade Multiple Digital Currencies

A more comprehensive range of crypto may be traded with Bitcoin 360 Ai, including the most well-known ones like Bitcoin and others less well-known.

SSL Certified

To eliminate legal risks, we have partnered with CySEC-licensed brokers to ensure that all of your tradings are done on the book.

Speedy Withdrawals

Withdrawals may be made within 24 hours for your convenience when trading with Bitsignal. After you fill out your withdrawal form, withdrawals can be processed immediately.

Customer Support Department

To ensure you are never left alone, a 24/7 customer support department is available. The Bitcoin 360 Ai team will well serve your automated trading bot. Since it makes newbies feel comfortable with the auto trading platform, this is one of the many outstanding characteristics of Bitcoin 360 Ai.

Demo Account

Another advantage of this automated trading platform is that it provides users with a sample account to practice trading before opening a real one. Beginners can familiarize themselves with auto trading before investing large sums of money using the free account offered by Bitcoin 360 Ai. Before diving into the deep end, we recommend testing the demo account.

Bitcoin 360 Ai - Essential Features with

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin 360 Ai


  • Account broker that is friendly and efficient
  • Client-to-broker matching is automated.
  • Withdraw cryptocurrency directly to a wallet
  • It supports alternative cryptocurrencies as well as foreign crypto pairs.
  • Business & Operations 24/7


  • It does not eliminate the danger.
  • There aren’t any social trading features in the app.
  • The company’s marketing strategy is still unknown.

How to Make a Bitcoin 360 AI Account?

The registration process for the Bitcoin 360 AI is simple, which makes it simple for new users to join. Users may start trading right away because of its user-friendly interface. The simple steps will help you create a trading bot account.

Step 1 – Bitcoin 360 AI Registration

First, go to the actual website of Bitcoin 360 Ai Review. On the website, you must complete a registration form. To get your Bitcoin 360 AI login, fill out the form and finish the registration process. After the Bitcoin 360 AI signup process is complete, you’ll be assigned to an individual broker. The broker will tell you how to trade on the platform.

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Step 2 – Use Demo Account

After that, you’ll need to build a demo account by providing your Bitcoin 360 AI login information. New merchants who want to use the platform may use the demo account setup. Traders may also test trading in simulation mode before commencing live trading. Users may trade and learn how the Bitcoin 360 AI works with a demo fund of roughly $250.

Step 3 – Deposit funds into your account

The next step is to go live trading after completing the demo mode. Users must, however, put money into their accounts before they may begin live trading. Users may deposit money into their accounts using a variety of payment methods. They may then go into actual trading after determining the selected option.

Step 4 – Start Live Trade

It is possible to begin live trading once the funds have been deposited in the trading account. To access their accounts and join the trading area, users will utilize their Bitcoin 360 AI login. They can then select a trading pair and begin live trading once they enter the trading room.

Can You Make Money with Bitcoin 360 AI?

The platform offers a demo account, according to Bitcoin 360 AI. You may get premium software without paying money by doing this. Investors finally have access to a standard trading account. By selecting their risk parameters, traders may adjust their trading settings. According to the website, investors may also determine how much autonomy the AI system will have.

Traders may put money or build a function that will allow the program to go live and execute trades on their behalf, either manually or automatically. We were, however, unable to independently verify any of these claims. Bitcoin 360 Ai has partnered with CySEC-licensed brokerages to assist you in managing your account and navigating the turbulent cryptocurrency market. An SSL certificate protects your data because Bitcoin 360 Ai values your privacy. Trading can be extremely scary for a beginner, even when it is done on your behalf.

As a result, it’s understandable that you’d have multiple concerns or questions, which is why Bitcoin 360 Ai has a customer service department that is constantly operated and accessible to answer your questions at all hours of the day. Bitcoin 360 Ai has received numerous positive reviews from users who have used the software and benefited from its earnings.

Bitcoin 360 Ai - Open Account with

Beginner Tips

Here are a few guidelines on how to make the most of using Bitcoin 360 Ai.

Start with Small Investments

A 250 EUR minimum deposit is required for trading with Bitcoin 360 Ai. This initial deposit will act as your capital and trading account when you begin trading with Bitcoin 360 Ai.

Take Regular Profit Withdrawals

Regularly withdraw the money that Bitcoin 360 Ai has generated for you because it would be wise to remember. Profits may be transferred to a different digital wallet or bank account.

Spend 20 Minutes On Your Account Every Day.

Bitcoin 360 Ai performs best when you check into your account once or twice daily to monitor activities and keep track of what’s happening, but it requires little maintenance.

Invest Prudently

Because the bitcoin market is unpredictable, you must trade cautiously and only with additional money at hand. When using Bitcoin 360 Ai, this is essential.

Keep an Eye On Your Transactions.

You may download your Bitcoin 360 Ai account statements right away. Since you may have to pay taxes on your income as soon as you earn money, you should routinely download your transactions. To get there, you’ll need to have these documents.

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Bitcoin 360 Ai Customer Support

On working days, Bitcoin 360 Ai can contact depositors via email or a call centre. Cold calling, or calling without a list, has been reported. We recommend depositing only the minimum with a virtual card like Revolut if you decide to proceed and open a Bitcoin 360 Ai account, as pressers encourage investors to deposit more. Early on, I tried out the withdrawal process.

Security and Safety

It isn’t easy to discuss because it depends on how you perceive it. Having a regular SHA-256 encryption key on an SSL certificate isn’t enough. The more important point is what happens after you’ve created an account and how your credit card transactions are handled. While many forex traders account for solutions today, most are dubious business enterprises with offshore offices in jurisdictions such as Seychelles or the Martial Islands.

Most individuals are unaware that when you fund your account, it is handled by a third party, and no one knows what happens after your transfer. Regarding firewall configurations and virus protection, legitimate businesses have stringent standards. In this case, security is not a priority for the Bitcoin 360 AI creators. These scumbags will often use flaws to install spyware or malware on your computer or device, which they will do on purpose.

Bitcoin 360 AI Leverage

Leverage for retail Forex clients may vary from 30:1 to 2:1, according to ESMA or the European Securities and Markets Authority. The underlying’s volatility has an impact on this. Asset types also affect the variations. For example, the same as cryptocurrency pairs, leveraging commodities like gold will not be the same. Members who join Bitcoin 360 AI are given up to 5000:1 leverage, which we have noticed.

Anyone who accepts this leverage can never win and cash out because there is no way for them to do so. Since leverage is similar to a loan in many ways, we all know that loans are very costly. In any circumstance, do not accept debt.

Bitcoin 360 Ai - What ist it by

How Have Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin 360 AI Have Changed?

A group of individuals going under the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto released a Bitcoin white paper in 2008, which introduced the functionality of the Bitcoin blockchain network, and the first block was mined in 2009. Since then, the crypto sector has grown at a breakneck pace, reaching 320 million users by 2022. We ensure that we recommend the latest developments in cryptocurrency trading, given both technological and industry advancements at an accelerated pace.

The latest technology has been employed to guarantee that the most optimum, up-to-date cryptocurrency trading will be performed on your behalf with the Bitcoin 360 Ai trading platform. To ensure that the site remains up to date with the crypto industry’s progress, visitors are updated on Bitcoin 360 Ai.

What Are the Fees for Bitcoin 360 AI?

According to the Bitcoin 360 AI site, the crypto trading robot does not come with additional costs or fees. Once traders register an account and deposit $250 or more, they have access to the AI program, which begins following the cryptocurrency markets for free.

Additional charges that these cryptocurrency website levies were discovered during further research. Because of the little knowledge supplied before making a deposit, we recommend investors do their homework before investing in any exchange.

  • Trading Fees: None
  • Account Fees: None
  • Software Cost: None


Based on all of the above information, it can be confirmed that the Bitcoin 360 Ai trading platform will provide a great experience to any user. Bitcoin 360 Ai opens possibilities for first-time cryptocurrency traders looking to generate income. By selecting to trade with Bitcoin 360 Ai, this review will help you raise your trading expertise to the next level by covering all the necessary topics.

As a result, we believe that any trader interested in entering the crypto market would find Bitcoin 360 Ai useful. You may get your license simply by creating an account and following the instructions. As a good cryptocurrency trading tool, we suggest this Bitcoin 360 AI, a relatively new service that assists investors with their activities. The mechanics of Bitcoin 360 AI and whether it’s a suitable option for you will be examined in this review.

Using the Genesis 360 AI trading bot, users may trade on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. In this evaluation, we’ll examine the features, advantages, and security of this Bitcoin 360 AI to see if the manufacturer’s claims are legitimate. The Bitcoin 360 Ai review hoped to teach you how to use this crypto trading technology by explaining its pros and cons.

Overall rating:

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Bitcoin 360 Ai, How Much Profit Can I Make?

Many factors are involved in trading any asset, much less cryptocurrency. Human, fallible judgment will always be required when deciding how much capital to use with other variables such as leverage, risk tolerance, account size, and life cycle stage. Because of Bitcoin 360 Ai, users are in charge of their portfolios and can reduce some complexity.

Does Tesla or Any Other Business (Like Telsa) Use 360 AI?

There is no evidence that Tesla, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, or any other big firm uses Bitcoin 360 Ai. In contrast, several firms trade and hold cryptocurrencies as an alternative to conventional sources of wealth generation. Elon is a staunch supporter of cryptocurrencies in general, notably on Twitter.

Where Is Bitcoin 360 Ai Available?

Bitcoin 360 Ai is used by nearly every website! Europe (Austria (AT) / Germany (DE) / Switzerland (CH) / Holland (NL) / Poland (PL) / Belgium (BE) / Spain (ES), South & Central America, and Africa are included in this group, as well as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. You may still register for Bitcoin 360 Ai on this website if your address isn’t listed above.

Are There Any Risks in Using Bitcoin 360 AI?

Yes, that’s correct. The claimed win rate of Bitcoin 360AI is 85%. However, this does not imply that it will always succeed in every trade. Robots may occasionally overlook viable trading opportunities. Market participants are advised to keep an eye on their portfolios, plan strategies, and use risk management techniques.

Contact Bitcoin 360AI customer support and let them know you want to unfreeze your account. After that, you’ll complete a request form, and to ensure the safety of your account, you’ll go through a KYC procedure.

Is There a Charge for Using Bitcoin 360 AI?

Because all costs are transparent, you don’t have to be concerned about undisclosed expenditures when using Bitcoin 360 AI.


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