Bitcoin Can Fall to $15000 Predicts Guggenheim CIO

Last Updated: 29 June 2021

Scott Minerd, the Chief Investment Officer of asset management firm Guggenheim predicted the ‘real’ bottom of bitcoin. According to him, Bitcoin can fall to the value of $15000.

Prediction of Scott Minerd

The chief investment official (CIO) of Guggenheim Partners, Scott Minerd, is back with another bearish expectation for bitcoin and a figure of where the genuine base of the bitcoin cost is. Minerd is additionally the executive of Guggenheim Investments, the worldwide resource the board and venture warning division of Guggenheim Partners. Guggenheim Investments has about $270 billion in all-out resources under administration across fixed pay, value, and elective methodologies. He said in a meeting with CNBC on  Friday: The genuine base, when you take a gander at the technicals, $10,000 would be the genuine base.


You know that is most likely somewhat outrageous, so I would say $15,000. This expectation followed his remark Tuesday on Twitter when he stated: Search for additional decreases in crypto as bitcoin gets through help. The next reasonable help level is $20,000. Minerd clarified Friday that the new BTC value rally had been upheld by huge national bank liquidity. He forewarned that bitcoin’s cost would fall as that liquidity blurs. The cost of bitcoin plunged underneath the $30K level last week. At the hour of composing, BTC remains at $31,583, dependent on information from Markets.

Minerd has made a few bearish expectations

The Guggenheim CIO continued to prompt that he wouldn’t be in a rush to bounce once again into bitcoin at $20,000, noticing that the digital currency ought to unite sideways several years before it moves higher. He thought: I don’t think individuals should be restless to place cash in bitcoin at present. Minerd has made a few bearish expectations about the cost of bitcoin in the close term.

In May, Minerd cautioned of an enormous auction in bitcoin in the wake of making financial backers aware of a significant BTC revision in April. Regardless of his momentary bearish conjecture, Minerd is bullish about bitcoin over the long haul, accepting that the cost of the cryptographic money could reach $600,000. We do a ton of essential exploration, on the off chance that you consider the stockpile of bitcoin relative to the inventory of gold on the planet If bitcoin where to go to those sorts of numbers. You’ll discuss $400K to $600K per bitcoin, the CIO depicted.

Along with Scott Minerd, many other analysts also speculated that bitcoin could fall further low. However, some of these analysts advised people to take advantage of this situation as now it is easier to buy cryptocurrency. Investing in cryptocurrency at this point will be a lot beneficial as bitcoin will reach new heights soon. The current market situation and interest from some big names indicate that the bitcoin market can still get the maximum value. One of the famous personalities linked with the cryptocurrency is Elon Musk, who revealed that his electric car company Tesla would resume accepting bitcoin payments as soon as he receives the confirmation that 50% of energy in mining and transaction processes is coming from natural resources.


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