Bitcoin Compass – Costs and fees

Last Updated: 2 December 2022

Bitcoin Compass is an automated trading software. With Bitcoin Compass, algorithms are used to place “trades” in the cryptocurrency market. Here, the foundations for the trading applications are innovative and intelligent algorithms.

Here, the development of the crypto-currency market and the current trends of the respective day are scanned in the news in order to then make decisions for the customers.

The algorithm uses charts, data, patterns and graphics to make the right decisions for the trade. The trades are monitored by regulated brokers (intermediaries).

Results are achieved within seconds due to the algorithm and the software used is state of the art.

Bitcoin Compass - Costs and fees

Bitcoin Compass – costs and fees and the sign-up and deposit process

There are no upfront fees with Bitcoin Compass. Here, however, a smaller amount is deducted for each successful outcome on the trade.

The sign-up process

Registration at Bitcoin Compass usually takes place in 3 steps. First, visitors must provide their full name and email address. Then, in the next step, a password must be selected.

This password must consist of characters and numbers. For security reasons, 8 to 12 characters should be chosen. If these requirements are not met by the visitor, the visitor will receive a message to correct the password.

In the last step, the platform asks for the visitor’s telephone number before the registration is confirmed by clicking on the button provided for this purpose. When the visitors have filled in all the fields, the registration is confirmed.

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Getting to know the platform

When the registration is then completed, this registered person will then receive further instructions regarding the trade as well as the possible returns. With the help of another click, the registered person is then led to the trading platform.

In the basic setting, everything is explained in English. However, there is the option of setting 3 further languages, namely German, Italian and Spanish. Here you will find further information on the software used here and on trading with crypto-currencies.

Likewise, the registered person can also view further assets.

In the academy of the platform, the registered person also finds numerous eBooks as well as videos and a glossary. There is also the possibility to analyse the trading instruments. The platform can be used on the PC as well as on mobile devices for mobile trading.

The deposit

The platform offers various deposit options. These include, for example, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Skrill, Paysafecard, Wire Transfer, Neteller or Qiwi-Wallet. The minimum deposit amount is 250 euros.

Depositing via a credit card is one of the most secure solutions. After the deposit, the registered person presses the “Trade” button and can start trading, which is then processed automatically.


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