Bitcoin Cycle – Was the software on Dragons´ Den?

Last Updated: 2 December 2022

Bitcoin Cycle is a popular trading software that enables beginners to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The highlight: The software combs the market on its own for signals and, depending on the user’s needs, automatically executes trades with the prospect of high returns. Accordingly, it is not even necessary to build up one’s own expertise and invest several hours a day in the new hobby.

In recent years, many myths and legends have grown up around apps like Bitcoin Cycle. For example, it is regularly heard that the software was presented on “The Dragons’ Den”. Moreover, many celebrities seem to invest in the trading software.

What’s the story? We went in search of answers.

Bitcoin Cycle users

Bitcoin Cycle was not on “The Dragons’ Den”

Carsten Maschmeyer has achieved cult status in the German-speaking world. He has been asking young start-ups and creative entrepreneurs to present their ideas and vie for funding for many years.

Within the framework of “The Dragons’ Den”, it is then up to him and his experts to invest in the project. Even if not every company automatically becomes successful, it at least enjoys media interest in front of a large audience.

That a software like Bitcoin Cycle is presented would only be consistent. After all, the app promises quick profits with comparatively little risk.

However, it must be clearly stated that crypto-robots have never been explained before Maschmeyer’s eyes and examined for their advantages. At most, it is a Bitcoin Cycle fake.

Celebrities trading with Bitcoin Cycle? There is no evidence

Besides Maschmeyer, other celebrities also seem to have an eye on software like Bitcoin Cycle. Among them are Oliver Welke, Lena Meyer-Landrut or Dieter Bohlen.

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In many a news article it sounds as if they have invested a lot of money and gained even more. However, the fact that there are numerous spelling and grammatical errors in the texts raises doubts about the truthfulness.

And indeed: there is no evidence that celebrities make high returns with Bitcoin Cycle. On the contrary, many of them have pointed out on their social media channels that they do not know software of this kind at all.

Why such dubious advertising is resorted to can only be conjectured.

What beginners should watch out for

Caution is better than indulgence. This also applies when trading with cryptocurrencies. Especially for beginners who have not yet gained any experience with the market. It is only understandable that many an interested person might feel put off by the false advertising.

Nevertheless, the software works flawlessly.

However, investors and the experts of tomorrow should bear in mind that no success can ever be guaranteed. Even the greatest expert is wrong now and then. He simply cannot be in the future.

With Bitcoin Cycle, therefore, trading should only be done with funds that are lost and can be written off without any problems.


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