Bitcoin Cycle – Do I have to pay taxes?

Last Updated: 2 December 2022

If you make profits on the financial market, you have to pay tax on them. This is a completely normal process. So the question of what happens to the winnings at Bitcoin Cycle does not arise at all. Of course, these also have to be taxed.

However, you have to consider a few things here, how you can steer this completely in your direction. For example, if you want to decide for yourself in which year the profits from Bitcoin Cycle have to appear in your tax return, there is a way to do this.

Not every cent has to be taxed either. Smaller profits are subject to declaration but do not have to be taxed. In the following text you will find out what the amount is and how to declare the taxes correctly.


Bitcoin Cycle - Do I have to pay taxes?

Taxes on profits must be paid. But when?

If you manage to make a profit on Bitcoin Cycle, you have to pay tax on it. When you withdraw your winnings, you determine when you have to declare them in your tax return.

Everything that has been paid out in this year must be compared to the deposits and declared in the tax return. However, if you leave the winnings in your Bitcoin Cycle account beyond the turn of the year, you do not have to pay tax on the winnings in the last year.

If the profits are not paid out until the next year, they do not have to be declared in the tax return until then. In this way, every user can decide for themselves when they want to pay tax.

If you want to declare other things in your tax return in the year in which the profits are actually made, you can postpone the Bitcoin Cycle profits.

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Bitcoin Cycle profits must be taxed, but from what amount?

In general, it remains the case that Bitcoin Cycle profits must be taxed. But this statement is only completely correct if one says that the profits have to be taxed from 600 euros per year. Anything lower does not have to be taxed in the tax return.

Nevertheless, the profit has to be declared, so you have to declare it. However, it will not affect the tax burden.

So if you have profits of more than 600 euros, you can consider paying out only the profits up to 600 euros and the rest in the following year. In this way, you can trick a little with small winnings to avoid taxes.

However, as soon as other sums are involved, you can no longer proceed in this way and must pay tax on everything over 600 euros.


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