Bitcoin Evolution – How does the deposit work?

Last Updated: 21 January 2023

Bitcoin Evolution is a provider that allows customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the internet with little effort. With just a few clicks, you can register here and start trading.

If you don’t have any experience yet, you can take your first steps with a demo account. If you have survived this phase and still want to start trading actively, you have to make your first deposit.

This can be done in different ways. Some are easier than others and some are much faster than others. Below is an overview of the deposit methods of Bitcoin Evolution and their advantages and disadvantages.

How can you profit from Bitcoin Evolution?

Step 1: Click on the link to go to the official website of Bitcoin Evolution.
Step 2: Fill out the form to get a FREE licence to trade.
Step 3: Follow the instructions on the platform to profit from bitcoin fast!

Deposit by credit card

If you have a credit card, depositing with it is certainly one of the easiest ways to fill the account with fresh money to start trading. Again, it doesn’t take long to make a deposit and you only need your credit card details.

Once you have entered these, you need the desired amount and the security number. With this you confirm the payment. Once this is done and you click on “pay now”, the money is directly credited to your account.

This is an advantage when paying by credit card. With other payment methods it takes considerably longer, so you should opt for this payment method if you also want to start trading directly.


Bitcoin Evolution - How does the deposit work?

Payment with Paypal

Paypal is similar to credit cards. All you have to do is log in with your account and you can complete the payment with just a few clicks. The money is then debited from the selected Paypal account.

If you have made a profit after some time, you can have it paid out to your Paypal account. When paying with Paypal, there are no fees or other costs for the customer, so that payment with Paypal can also be highly recommended.

Payment by bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer is the most time-consuming. Since the payment is completed manually, it has to be checked by the bank. It also has to be processed by the Bitcoin Evolution provider, so it can take a few days until the money is in the account and you can start trading.

Paying by direct transfer

Direct bank transfer is often called instant transfer and is quick and easy. You have to log in with the online data of your bank account and can then make a transfer.

This must be confirmed with a tan and can then be processed directly, so that the money should be directly available for trading. Here, too, we can recommend paying by direct transfer if you do not want to wait for the deposited money.


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