Bitcoin founder’ scolds interviewer for wanker when asked for evidence

Last Updated: 7 August 2022

Presenter, Hamish Macdonald, did not have the easiest interview with so-called bitcoin founder Craig Wright. He was repeatedly called “wanker” when Macdonald asked for proof. In fact, there is yet no hard evidence that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto.


Australian computer scientist Craig Wright has long claimed to be the founder of bitcoin. For this, he has already received the necessary attention and lawsuits, but he is still not received, as such, by the bitcoin community. It is for this reason that journalists and presenters are still trying to get proof that Wright is or is not the founder of bitcoin.

Only this time, it fell on the wrong side of Wright. In an interview for the Sunday Project, he called the interviewer ‘wanker’ several times. The interview got out of hand when the presenter expressed his doubts about Wright. He insisted on providing him with proof that he is indeed the inventor of bitcoin.

The full interview

“Look up a law book, and look up what evidence is, and take a course,” Wright responded in shared footage from DailyMail. “And when you come back, and you know what you’re talking about, then we can have a discussion. Otherwise, you’re just a whiner.”

Wright’s sarcastic and exasperated tone prompted MacDonald to ask why he became exasperated and started swearing. This, in some eyes, he might have been better off not doing, as it rubbed him the wrong way. “I’m Australian — and if you’re a wanker, I’ll call you a wanker,” said Dr Wright.

Drama, of course, generates clicks and lots of viewers, which is good for the show. Therefore, the image from the video above is the only image available now. For the full video — which will probably include some nuance — we’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Then, the full interview will be broadcast via the Sunday Project. Until then, we’ll just have to make do with the ‘wanker’ quotes.

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