Bitcoin Investor – Costs and Fees

Last Updated: 26 May 2023

Bitcoin Investor is an automated trading platform. Only cryptocurrencies can be traded on this platform. The Bitcoin Investor trading system works online.

The basis for this is an algorithm, which assigns corresponding data and the current changes on the cryptocurrency market for the individual trades and then implements them based on this data.

With Bitcoin Investor, registered users do not need any special skills. Trading sessions are then scheduled here, which can be started with a click on a button.

As soon as a trading session has been activated, the algorithm scans the current development on the crypto market in order to implement the corresponding decisions for the respective trades.

Bitcoin Investor Experience and Test

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The registration at Bitcoin Investor is free of charge. Only when profits are made, the platform retains a small percentage amount to cover its own costs.

Registration takes place on the Bitcoin Investor website using the registration form provided there. This form is clearly visible on the website. The person to be registered must enter their surname, first name, telephone number and email address.

This person must also enter a secure password. Once the email address has been confirmed, the account is activated and the registered person then has access to the platform.

The minimum deposit is 250 euros. Before the user actually deposits real money, there is the possibility to try out the functions of the platform via a demo version. Here you can look around the platform without any financial risk of your own.

Tip: Sign up for Bitcoin Investor TODAY . As of 05.06.2023 the free trial is unfortunately no longer available. Click NOW here to get the free trial.

Especially inexperienced traders should take advantage of such an opportunity in order to then get to know the functions on the platform as well as its individual features and functions. This can later also become important for the real money account.

When there is some security, the real account can then be accessed. The user is then directed to the Bitcoin Investor partner, such as FX as a broker.

When choosing a broker, it is important to make sure that it is a licensed partner. For the type of deposit, the normal options are offered here, such as credit card deposit.

Once the user has made the corresponding deposit, trading can begin. There is also the possibility for these persons to view the individual trades and their progress on the basis of charts in their own account.

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