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Last Updated: 8 June 2023

The Bitcoin Method is a platform to enable automated trading with cryptocurrencies. It makes work easier for investors and saves time.

But above all, the system reacts to the most diverse market and price developments with the help of “news spies” or bots that forward global information and new economic developments to the brokers as financial service providers.

These then evaluate the new data as authentic and legitimate and present it in real time. The problem that arises is that you may lose control of the system, especially if you are working with real money. The money does not come back once it is lost.

Money is also lost in a demo account, but not real money, but virtual money.


Bitcoin Method - Demo Account

After registering free of charge with one’s own email address, telephone number and name, one is redirected to a broker as a financial service provider and can try out a demo account on it before making the minimum deposit.

The broker is not freely selectable, so that it is necessary to deal with one and there is no possibility for individual preferences and arrangements. This is perhaps an advantage in order to commit to a structure and a platform.

The demo account simulates with special bots and virtual money on a test broker to get to know the operations. The virtual money is not real money, so there are no losses, but no profits either.

As soon as the user assesses that he is advanced enough and has sufficiently scrutinised the processes and functions of the platform, it is possible to make a deposit.

The deposit is limited to a minimum value of 250 dollars or euros, respectively, so that the bots and the brokers can work with it and the individual parameters are determined. It is possible to withdraw the money so that it is not lost before it is used.

Tip: Sign up for Bitcoin Method TODAY ([current_date format=’d.m.Y’]). As of 09.06.2023 the free trial is unfortunately no longer available. Click NOW here to get the free trial.

Verification on the platform is also important. Passport proof and proof of residency are required for the programme to work. The verification also stands for the seriousness of the programme, that it is legal.

Nevertheless, one should always be careful not to stake too much money. Ultimately, you take responsibility for your losses. As with gambling, it is possible that an addictive spiral develops to use more and more money because the vision of big money is sometimes stronger.

Then it is important to look at reality again so that one does not give in too much to the visions. It is also important to remember that only very few investors become millionaires. In the beginning, it will probably remain with smaller amounts.

But even these should be withdrawn quickly and regularly so that they are not lost through price fluctuations. In the demo account, it is possible to test this and get your own picture of the cryptocurrencies.

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