Bitcoin Prime – Is there an app?

Last Updated: 27 May 2023

Bitcoin Prime not only offers a website through which you can access the software, but also an app that you can download for all common devices.

So if you are looking for a provider that allows you to trade Bitcoin and not only on your PC at home or in the browser on your smartphone, Bitcoin Prime is the right choice.

Bitcoin Prime offers not only the classic website, but also an app that you can use to access the service. But to what extent is the app convincing?

This question can be answered easily, because anyone who is satisfied with the Bitcoin Prime programme in the browser will also be satisfied with the app, because the app actually offers everything that is also offered by the website.


Bitcoin Prime - Is there an app?

If you compare the functions of the two types, you will not find any differences. Bitcoin Prime is a fully developed app that you can use completely. It doesn’t matter whether you are just registering here or already have an account.

In both cases, you can use the app to make deposits, execute trades, monitor the exchange rate and also request withdrawals. The advantage of the Bitcoin Prime app is certainly that the statistics of the different currencies can be found here in the same detail as on the PC.

This is not the case with all apps from other providers.

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Where to get the app from Bitcoin Prime?

As already described, the app of Bitcoin Prime is available for all popular smartphones. This means that there is an app available for all Android and all IOS devices.

How you finally get to download the app is different, however, because if you have an Android device, you cannot simply download the app via the store, but must do so via the Bitcoin Prime website.

Here you can also quickly find the download link, so that the app is loaded quickly anyway. With ISO, i.e. all Apple products, it is even easier, because here you can simply download the app from the store with just a few clicks.

Once you have downloaded the app, you only need to log in with your known data or register again. Both options do not take much time, so it does not take long until you can make your first trade from your mobile phone.

If you have another mobile phone that is not equipped with the familiar operating systems, you can also access the website via the browser of the mobile phone and also carry out mobile trades in this way.

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