Bitcoin Prime – Costs and fees

Bitcoin Prime is an automated trading software for trading the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. This is particularly advantageous because the price of cryptocurrencies often fluctuates greatly. Bitcoin Prime recognises the best moments to enter and exit bitcoin, so that high profits are possible.

This is made possible by a special algorithm that can predict price fluctuations in advance. This algorithm is based on the programme “Bitcoin Prime”, which was developed by John Meyers.

Meyers has previously gained a lot of experience in the financial and crypto market and implemented this in his algorithm. Several analysts work on the “Bitcoin Prime” system so that small and large investors are informed in advance about price fluctuations.

Thus, the system gives signals as soon as one should invest or exit. This is particularly user-friendly because no research of your own is necessary.

Bitcoin Prime not only gives you the platform to trade bitcoins, but does this for you completely automatically. You can additionally make some settings according to which the system trades for you, for example profit and loss limits at which the system automatically exits for you.


Bitcoin Prime - Costs and fees

This means you only have to make one deposit and let the system work for you with your deposit. A return on investment of up to 88% is promised. The minimum deposit with Bitcoin Prime is 250 US dollars, which can be processed via a wide variety of payment services. Higher amounts are also possible.

The service itself is free of charge, there are no fees for trading, only a small profit share is automatically deducted by the system. Registration and transactions are completely free of charge, which is an absolute plus compared to other providers.

With a small time investment of 20-30 minutes per day, large profits can already be achieved. Losses can also occur, especially in the beginning, but these can be avoided with daily changes to the settings.

With only a few minutes, losses can be avoided and large profits can be made.

Tip: Sign up for Bitcoin Prime TODAY (23.09.2021). As of 24.09.2021 the free trial is unfortunately no longer available. Click NOW here to get the free trial.

Signing up for Bitcoin Prime is also simple. Via the Bitcoin Prime website, you can fill out the registration form, in which you have to enter your email address. You can then assign a password for your account via a confirmation email.

The registration itself is explained once again in an information video on the registration page.

The next step is to make your first deposit, which you can then use to get started straight away. If you have little experience in trading with cryptocurrencies, it is advisable to practice in advance with the free demo account.

Only when you feel confident in bitcoin trading does it make sense to start trading in the real market environment.

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