Bitcoin Prime – Was the software on Dragons´ Den?

Last Updated: 4 December 2022

Most of us are probably familiar with the TV show Dragons’Den. Here, new inventions are presented and the developers or inventors are looking for fresh money from investors to either further develop the product or make it more popular.

If you take a look at who has already presented themselves to investors, it is surprising that you have not yet seen anything from a Bitcoin company.

The topic of Bitcoin should be a big one with investors, so it could be worthwhile if the developers of a software like Bitcoin Prime try their luck in this round.

Rumours are now circulating on the internet that a company with Bitcoin in its background has already made it to the round. However, there is no video material that has been broadcast.

How can you profit from Bitcoin Prime?

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Is this Bitcoin Prime?

There’s no way to answer that exactly. However, with so many sources, it seems pretty certain that there really was an entrepreneur or developer there.

It is likely that a deal was not struck in the end, so the broadcaster did not decide to air the video footage. This is a normal process, as not all the clips produced end up being used.

If rumours are to be believed, it may have been Bitcoin Prime in the end.


Bitcoin Prime - Was the software on Dragons´ Den?

Why wasn’t it aired?

Some sources say that no deal was struck in the end because the investors could not agree among themselves who would make the best offer. If this is really the case, one should not think twice about trying one’s luck with this software.

As it seems, it is probably a very good product that should not be neglected.

Bitcoin Prime on TV

Even if the material did not end up being broadcast, this news has brought a lot of attention to it. As it looks so far, the coverage is “only” limited to the internet, which the developers of this software can obviously live with.

Even if there are no special innovations in the software, it seems to be so good that many investors are arguing about who is really allowed to invest here.

Test Bitcoin Prime

Of course, everyone can see for themselves and make a few trades with a registration that takes no longer than 5 minutes.

If you are not so familiar with it, you can also set up a demo account to first get to know the software before investing real money here to turn it into profits.


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