Bitcoin Supreme Review – Is it SCAM?

Last Updated: 27 March 2023

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Bitcoin Supreme is the best Bitcoin trading software for beginners and experts. It is easy to use and accurate.

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Bitcoin Supreme is the most effective automated trading software and is easy to use. Get started. Use Bitcoin Supreme to become rich while trading Bitcoins.
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The software is programmed to yield up to 90% gains consistently.
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Our team has studied how Bitcoin Supreme works, and they confirm it is best for making money from the crypto market.
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Paul Amery, Chief Editor, IndexUniverse

Paul Amery, Chief Editor

Bitcoin Supreme Summary

Supported Crypto CFDs 75 BTC CFD pairs
Claimed Success Rate 90%
Fees and Commissions 2% on profitable accounts only
Minimum Deposit $250
Mobile App No
Withdrawal Time 24 hours
Demo Account Yes
Withdrawal fees Up to 10 free withdrawals per calendar month.

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Bitcoin Supreme Review

We are excited about the on-going trends in the cryptocurrency market. So many traders and other investors have started diversifying their investments to make more money. We noticed that they have started using multiple auto trading platforms. That is a smart move, and it increases our responsibility. We need to test more auto trading systems to provide options for everyone who wants to make more money with extra investments.

In this review, we have revealed all about Bitcoin Supreme, we hope that the information we have written in this Bitcoin Supreme report will help more people to understand all about the auto trading system and how they can use Bitcoin Supreme to make more money from the crypto market.

Bitcoin Supreme Review – Is it SCAM?

Defining Bitcoin Supreme

For the purpose of this report, we will define Bitcoin Supreme as a money-making platform that uses a trading robot to buy and sell cryptocurrencies profitably. The number of users on the platform is growing, we have been following the online discussions about Bitcoin Supreme, and it is clear to know that so many people are making so much money from the auto trading platform.

We did not find out the name of the inventor but we know that there is a special team of professionals and software engineers who are managing the trading platform. We also discovered that it is not all about the trading robots. Bitcoin Supreme is monitored by a team of trained brokers who ensure that the trading robots are working perfectly to make the users earn more money from the crypto market.

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Bitcoin Supreme was designed for everyone

We can confirm that the features on Bitcoin Supreme are so simple; we found it easy to use these features. This is a good thing, the auto trading concept is spreading fast and so many people are interested in investing to start earning passive income as an additional income source. This is great news, but many of the people who want to invest in trading crypto on the market do not have the experience or trading skills of the manual traders.

This is why we think it is important that the auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency are easy to use. Bitcoin Supreme falls into this category, while testing the auto trading platform we confirmed that anyone with basic knowledge of how to use a laptop or smartphone could start making money with Bitcoin Supreme.

Bitcoin Supreme - spezial features

How it works

The trading process is easy to understand, well we have the experience, but this review was easy because Bitcoin Supreme works with a transparent process.

We studied how it works, and it is a similar process just like the functions of other outstanding auto trading platforms such as Bitcoin Circuit and Bitcoin Trader.

The trading robot only works when it has been activated. After activation, the trading robot detects the best offers on the crypto market for coins. These offers are completed using the funds in the investors Bitcoin Supreme account. The coins that have been offered at a lower market price are purchased and later resold to make a profit when the market price rises.

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Getting started with Bitcoin Supreme

We found it so easy to get started. First, we created a Bitcoin Code account, which was a simple process, and made a deposit.

We were happy to discover that the creators of this auto trading platform have lowered the minimum deposit needed to use Bitcoin Supreme, with a minimum deposit of $250; the live trading feature can be used.

We made a deposit with a Visa debit card, after authorisation, our deposit of $250 was transferred into our Bitcoin Supreme account.

Getting started with Bitcoin Supreme

Our live trading experience

During the live trading experience, we noticed so many wonderful things that can add to the factors that make investors with Bitcoin Equaliser richer.

We were happy to discover that the system has a tracker that can detect bots, this means all the users are human, and there is no risk that user information can be compromised. We also observed that the trading robots work fast to secure the best deals for the investor. Good deals don’t last long on the crypto market because of the high competition among traders who want to make more money and the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. This is why we were happy that the trading robots on this automated platform work faster than manual trading processes.

Our analytics tools revealed that the win rate for transactions on Bitcoin Supreme is 98%, this is very high, and it is a good reason more people are using the auto trading platform to have an advantage over other traders who use manual trading processes.

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Performance assessment

Overall, we have scored Bitcoin Supreme 100% regarding its performance. The auto trading platform is fast and effective. There were no glitches while we tested the different features. Everything works on Bitcoin Supreme.

We were particularly impressed by the 24/7 world-class customer care support system. We tested it and found out that the support team is responsive and helpful.

We also discovered that Bitcoin Supreme is available in up to 150 countries. However, remuneration was not a problem, after making money, we observed that the payout system has an internal converter to change the funds earned by the investor into their local currency before the withdrawal request is completed. This is convenient for everyone, converting the funds to local currency makes it easy for people in foreign countries, and we can confirm that the conversion rate is very fair.

Bitcoin Supreme - benefits

No hidden fees on Bitcoin Supreme

We can also confirm that the trading system on Bitcoin Supreme is transparent. There are no hidden fees, and the payout system is always accurate.

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Our Conclusion about Bitcoin Supreme

We have tested Bitcoin Supreme and all its features; we are convinced that the developers have used only the best resources to design this auto trading platform. It works perfectly.

The auto trading platform has been created for everyone who wants to start earning passive income daily. We are impressed with Bitcoin Supreme; it is a trading platform that everyone should start using to make more money from the cryptocurrency market.

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