Bitcoin System – Do I have to pay taxes?

Last Updated: 3 December 2022

Bitcoin System is a software that makes it easy for your clients to trade Bitcoin and other currencies. Besides the Bitcoin, you can also trade other currencies. Some of these are even more interesting than the Bitcoin.

If you are looking for the really big profits, you should possibly not trade with the Bitcoin, as the potential here is no longer as high. If you opt for a smaller currency, the increase can be much higher.

Regardless of which currency you want to trade with Bitcoin System, you have to consider how you will pay tax on your winnings, at the latest when you receive your payout. One thing is absolutely clear, all profits must appear on the tax return.

Even if they do not necessarily have to be taxed.


Bitcoin System - Do I have to pay taxes?

At what level do you have to pay tax on the income from Bitcoin System?

You have to declare all the income you have earned from Bitcoin System in your tax return. However, this does not mean that this income is actually taxed. If one’s annual profit is less than 600 euros, one does not pay taxes on this profit.

If one has taken in more than 600 euros, this will eventually affect the annual tax burden after all.

How to calculate the profit of Bitcoin System?

The profit is calculated quite simply. In fact, you only need to sum up how much you deposited in one year and calculate how much you paid out in the same year.

If one has received a higher payout, this is considered as profit for this calendar year. If the ratio is the other way round, it is a loss that you have made in that year. Again, you have to remember that only the profits above 600 euros are taxed.

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When do you have to pay tax?

In theory, you can decide this yourself, as you can request the payout from Bitcoin System yourself. So you decide for yourself when the money shows up in your account.

So if you have a profit in your Bitcoin System account, you may be able to leave it there for the year. If you do this and only pay it out in the following year, tax will also be due then.

So you have the chance to decide for yourself when to pay the taxes. If you do not want to pay the taxes in the current year, for whatever reason, you can use this tactic to postpone them to the next year.


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