Bitvestment Review – Is it SCAM?

Last Updated: 17 March 2023


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Bitvestment is a low-risk crypto trading software for new and expert investors.

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Fast and Secure Automated Trading Software
Bitvestment is an automated trading software that creates a simple way to invest and earn daily gains from selling Bitcoins.
Guaranteed Profits
With this software, you have a guarantee of earning ROI of over 90% of your capital.
Performance Tests
We did performance tests to confirm whether Bitvestment is as good as they say. Our report reveals our findings, the software works excellently.
Bitvestment converts good market trends into profit! We recommend Bitvestment because it yields consistent profits.
Paul Amery, Chief Editor, IndexUniverse

Paul Amery, Chief Editor

Bitvestment Summary

This Crypto Bank review provides detailed information on how investors can navigate the platform and what they can expect. To begin, here’s a rundown on the most important things to know when trying out the platform for the first time.

Minimum Deposit € 250
Claimed Success Rate 99%
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP, BAT, LITECOIN
Mobile App? No
Fees None

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Bitvestment Review

This is the official Bitvestment review. This review has been done to provide many of the answers to questions that have been asked about Bitvestment. The tests that have been done to evaluate Bitvestment were completed with some of the best analytics tools.

Also, the results of this review process have been verified by experts in the crypto industry.

Bitvestment Review – Is it SCAM?

The team in charge of coordinating this Bitvestment review was focused on analysing the statistics that have been presented on the official Bitvestment website and information gathered from the active users. These details were compared with the outcome of tests done during this review.

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What is Bitvestment?

Many users have described it as a trading platform that yields maximum profits from the crypto market. These are descriptions that are not far from the truth, according to the results that the team obtained during this review. Bitvestment is an automated trading platform with special features that can be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Bitvestment has already been discussed extensively on different online crypto trading platforms. It is a popular system that has legit credentials. The team has confirmed that Bitvestment is a registered brand.

Bitvestment Tips & Tricks
    • Use two-factor authentication
    • Check the minimum amount for cryptocurrency withdrawals
    • Use CoinMarketCap to check prices
    • Start with the demo version
    • Be active in the cryptocurrency communities

This was the first step during the review; the team believes that it is essential to trade with a registered crypto platform. After confirming that Bitvestment is registered, the tests on the platform proceeded.

Estimating potential profits

Many crypto traders who have been using Bitvestment have confirmed that they earn a regular income with the crypto trading system. This is an outstanding report; it means that the crypto trading platform can be trusted to yield maximum profits to all users.

However, those testimonials written publicly cannot be trusted. This is why the team thought it was necessary to do a review and present this official report.

It was confirmed that the profit that can be earned from the crypto market depends on the trading capital. The capital range allowed on Bitvestment falls between $250 and $15,000. Any crypto trader can invest money in the system within this investment range.

Bitvestment Open Account

To get an accurate assessment result, the team decided to perform a live trading session with $250, which is the most popularly traded capital on Bitvestment. After trading with $250 for five hours, the profit earned was found to be $890, it was noted, and a comparison done with the reviews that have been written by other crypto traders.

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It was discovered that many of the crypto investors who trade with Bitvestment using the base capital of $250, earn at least $800 every day. Finding evidence that it is possible to make profits from the crypto market with Bitvestment every day was one of the high points of this review exercise.

The trading deposit

The Bitvestment trading deposit is set up in a unique way; it is a system that allows the crypto investors to start trading with the system after making a deposit as low as $250. This is one of the lowest trading deposits that exist on the market.

The Bitvestment team has confirmed that the trading deposit has been intentionally lowered to ensure that more users can trade with the platform without stress.

1. Open a free account

You must provide your full name, email address, password and phone number.

2. Make a deposit

You can choose whether you want to pay the minimum required amount or whether you want to invest a higher amount. Choose your preferred payment method.

3. Start trading

With the trading dashboard now accessible, you can check your status and make withdrawals.

It should be noted that the crypto trader owns the trading deposit. It can be withdrawn from the platform when necessary. The trading deposit can be made using different online payment platforms.

The following online payment platforms have been linked to the Bitvestment site – PayPal, Quickteller, MasterCard, and Visa debit, users can also authorise a direct bank transfer when they need to make a deposit.

Trading with Bitvestment

It is easy to trade with Bitvestment because the system is fully automated. This is what the team observed during the review, after activating the live trading robot with a click, the automated system took control of the crypto trading process. The team sat back with notepads to continue studying the trading process and writing down observations.

The fully automated crypto trading system made it possible to use advanced analytics tools to evaluate the performance of the trading robot. And the outcome was noted as a reference.

The trading process on the Bitvestment platform can be easily described because it is a transparent system. The Bitvestment trading robot scans the cryptocurrency market; the best transactions are secured and completed to make a profit.

The earnings are held until the trading session is ended. It can be confirmed that crypto trading on the Bitvestment platform is done in real-time. It is a fast and efficient trading process.

Bitvestment - trading with BitVestment

Bitvestment Pros & Cons


    • Free of charge: Bitvestment offers its high-tech algorithm for free. You do not need a license or pay any fees to use the robot.
    • User-friendly platform: Bitvestment is easy to use with its simple interface design, making it simple to navigate even for those who have never traded crypto before.
    • Secure: User safety is critical and Bitvestment ensures this by using the latest forms of data encryption, keeping its transactions transparent and secure on the blockchain.
    • Demo account: this is a great feature that allows new users to get familiar with the robot before placing transactions with real money.
    • Reputable brokers: the robot claims to have attracted the best regulated brokers, whose reputation gives its users the peace of mind to trade.
    • Fast and very accurate: a great advantage of Bitvestment is that its algorithms are much better than any manual techniques. The site claims that it is also extremely good for high-frequency trading.


  • No customer support until you register: You can only access the customer support team after you have completed the registration process.
  • Not allowed in some countries: Bitvestment is unfortunately not available in countries that do not (yet) allow trading in crypto CFDs.

Benefits of trading with Bitvestment

Another focus of this review was to observe the crypto trading system to identify the benefits of trading with Bitvestment. The platform is open to everyone, which is a good thing because new users can start making money from the crypto market without going through the stress of learning those difficult manual trading methods. Here are the notable benefits of trading with Bitvestment;

Online security

The application process to create a Bitvestment user profile makes it mandatory for new users to enter confidential information about their banks, and personal data. Also, a lot of money is traded on the Bitcoin Cycle platform every day. This is why it is essential that all users are protected from online threats.

From our observation during this review, it can be confirmed that the Bitvestment trading platform is secure. The team discovered that the best antivirus and malware programs had been used to secure the trading platform.

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Earning consistency

All investors in the crypto market are in search of a consistent income from the market. This is why so many of these investors have made the switch to start trading with Bitvestment. It is one of the automated crypto trading platforms that can be used to earn a profit from the market consistently.

Low starting capital

The Bitvestment trading system has been designed to allow all users to start trading after making a deposit as low as $250. This is an affordable capital range that can be used to earn significant profit from the crypto market.

It was confirmed during this review that all users who trade with the minimum deposit of $250 would earn at least $800 from the crypto market at the end of the live trading session.

Bitvestment Top features

Online customer help desk

There is a customer helpdesk on the official Bitvestment trading site. The customer support team is responsive. Users in different parts of the world can trade with Crypto Nation Pro without stress because the customer support team offers a multi-lingual service that can help more users achieve their goals are crypto investors.

Bitvestment is compatible with different operating systems

One of the features that have been linked to the worldwide success of Bitvestment is the compatibility of the trading system with different operating systems. This feature was confirmed by testing Bitvestment on smartphones and laptops, and it worked perfectly.

Is a Bitvestment investment worth it?

After studying the results from this review, it can be concluded that trading with Bitvestment is worth it.

Overall rating:

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Bitvestment – Frequently Asked Questions

There is no specific amount mentioned. Bitvestment developers do not promise that you can make a certain amount of money by using the app regularly. It all depends on how well you can use the information from the app for transactions.

So far we have not found any evidence that this app is linked to a celebrity.

Using the Bitvestment app is completely free after depositing the minimum trading fee.

The Bitvestment website states that they use some of the best security technologies, such as SSL encryption, to protect users’ confidential information.

Yes, you can use the Bitvestment app on a mobile phone as long as it has a working web browser and internet connection.

The developers claim that you do not need any knowledge of trading to benefit from this app.

Yes, you may be asked to upload a government-issued photo ID in order to comply with the KYC requirements of the broker affiliated with the app, especially for making withdrawals this seems to be the case.

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