Cardano (ADA) founder on Vasil hardfork: ‘The ship is stable’, after testing v.1.35.3

Last Updated: 17 August 2022

There he is again: the founder of Cardano with his updates. A fortnight ago, Charles Hoskinson gave an update on the long-awaited Vasil hardfork. This has been postponed a few times already, and the last time would really be the last. So what does he have to say now?


Hoskinson now says in his update that “Vasil is looking good,” and he is quite happy with ‘v. 1.35.3.’ It makes sense if you’re thinking: excuse me? v.1.35.3? Yes, we will explain this to you.

V.1.35.3 is a node. Short explanation: a node is a computer that runs the blockchain software. It validates and stores the full history of transactions on the network. So it ensures that the blockchain can exist with its transactions.

Ship is stable

Several versions of the node have been tested at Cardano, but Hoskinson is very happy with the latest one: “1.35.3 is out, and that’s probably going to be the node.” As mentioned in the developer’s notes, this node will fix some major issues with previous versions of the node.

Cardano’s founder said the testers are also very happy with it. They haven’t found any major problems getting in the way of the process. He said that “the ship is stable, and that’s what a cryptocurrency should be, and that’s what a blockchain ecosystem should be.”

‘There are better days ahead’

He is confident and ends the video by saying that “the economy is still shaky, and a lot of people are hurting there. It’s difficult, but having said that, there are better days ahead. I am convinced of that.”

So thankfully, the ship is stable, better days are promised and nothing more is being delayed. It remains to be seen what the release of the hardfork will do to ADA’s share price. Will it be a ‘sell the news event, or will this hardfork attract many new investors?

  • Steven Gray

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