Cardano (ADA) now available in Ledger Live

Last Updated: 19 June 2022

We had to wait for a while, but Ledger finally added support for Cardano (ADA). Ledger users can now buy, send and receive their tokens directly on Ledger Live; the application which allows them to manage their crypto.

Ledger Live now supports full top 10

French company Ledger announced that Cardano-related functions can be used on the desktop version of Ledger Live. This is exclusive to desktop, as the company says the mobile version will be available soon.

With this integration, the company can finally say that Ledger Live supports all top 10 coins (based on market capitalisation). Users can create an ADA account without creating an additional wallet. And this will allow them to buy and sell Cardano directly through the applications and finally, answer the question “when ADA?”.

This is to the delight of all Cardano fans, who see their beloved ADA becoming more widely accepted and implemented.

Leading up to Vasil

The price of Cardano also rose reasonably in the run-up to the Vasil hard fork, but then came the dump. According to Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, the hard fork will be a great improvement for the Cardano network. Although, of course, this tends to be the ‘we of WC Eend.’

Vasil brings with him four so-called Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs), each of which has its own function:

  • CIP-31
  • CIP-32
  • CIP-33
  • CIP-40

CIP-31 ensures that dates in transaction outputs provide a way to store and access information on the blockchain. In addition, CIP-32 allows for easier communication of ‘date values’ between users.

Instead of the output transaction that it normally has to do, the 33 variant proposes adding reference scripts to outputs and using reference scripts to meet script requirements during validation. CIP-33 will make transactions with commonly used scripts much smaller. Finally, CIP-40 ensures that a wallet no longer requires a minimum amount.

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