Crypto Engine – Costs and fees

Last Updated: 22 November 2022

Crypto Engine is a software that users can use to trade currencies such as bitcoin. If you deal with cryptocurrencies, you will not miss the Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin has experienced such a surge in the last few years that its value is now so high that if you had invested just a few euros a few years ago, you would already have a few million euros.

Besides Bitcoin, you can also trade many other currencies if you use the software of Crypto Engine. If you make a lot of trades a day or a week via Crypto Engine, you inevitably always ask yourself whether you have to pay fees for the trades or the deposits.


Crypto Engine - Costs and fees

Is trading at Crypto Engine free of charge?

For trading currencies on the internet, it is usually the case that you have to pay a fee. However, this is not the case with Crypto Engine, where you are allowed to trade completely free of charge. Even though this sounds very good, there are many other providers who do this.

So if you want to trade currencies on the internet free of charge, there are many providers who offer exactly that. In this case, of course, Crypto Engine is one of them. Nevertheless, there are also other ways in which providers can charge fees to customers.

One of them is the deposit and also the withdrawal. Here, unfortunately, you often find hidden costs that don’t really have to be there. Is Crypto Engine also one of the providers who enrich themselves in this way?

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Are there any costs when depositing and withdrawing with Crypto Engine?

Here we can give the all-clear, because costs or fees are not actually incurred here. Crypto Engine does not charge the customer a fee for any of the payment methods, so that the full amount always lands on the account.

However, it can still happen that the payment costs the customer something. In this case, however, Crypto Engine cannot be held responsible, as the fees that can arise, if at all, come from the banks themselves, which retain something from the sum for processing the payment.

However, this varies greatly from bank to bank, so that it is not possible to say exactly who will incur these costs and who will not. If you want to be on the safe side, a look at the contract or a call to customer service can certainly clarify a lot, so that you know afterwards exactly whether fees are charged by the bank or not.

It is recommended that you inform yourself before making your first payment so that you don’t get a nasty surprise.


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