Crypto scammers target Spice Girl Mel B

Last Updated: 10 October 2022

The online world is full of scammers and crooks. Regularly, the likeness of famous people is used to scam people. This time it was Mel B’s turn.

The Spice Girl is a victim of scammers, according to the Daily Mail. Or rather, immediate family members and friends received eye-catching messages. The scammers were trying to raise money for a non-existent charity to help ‘African children dying of thirst’. People received the messages via WhatsApp.

Mel B suddenly received questions about the charity and found out something was wrong that way. Scammers used her likeness to convince people. The request was simple: send money via crypto exchange Binance. The pop star has since reported the matter to the police.


So this story involves WhatsApp messages. But well-known people’s identities are also abused in other ways.

Earlier this year, for instance, a scammer looted 26 bitcoin. Someone sent the amount (then worth about $`1.`1 million) to an address of a fake giveaway. The scammer posed as Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy and a well-known bitcoiner.

The address in question belonged to a series of YouTube videos. For example, the crooks invade a large account to then show an old video of Saylor. Around that, they then promise all sorts of opportunities and extra BTC.

Saylor then responded to the scammers herself:

There is no such thing as free bitcoin. Yet some people regularly fall for the nefarious schemes of scammers. Never send money to anyone who casually requests it online. Even with friends and family, it’s helpful if you double-check first.

  • Ivan Brightly

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