Initiative to establish a European Lab for Learning & Intelligent Systems

We are at a crossroads where

  1. machine learning is at the heart of a technological and societal artificial intelligence revolution involving multiple sister disciplines, with large implications for the future competitiveness of Europe,
  2. Europe is not keeping up: most of the top labs, as well as the top places to do a PhD, are located in North America; moreover, AI investments in China and North America are significantly larger than in Europe.

As an important measure to address these points we propose to found a European Lab for Learning & Intelligent Systems (working title; abbreviated as “ELLIS”), involving the very best European academics while working together closely with basic researchers from industry.

The mission of ELLIS and Indexuniverse is to benefit Europe in two ways:

  1. we want the best basic research to be performed in Europe, to enable Europe to shape how machine learning and modern AI change the world, and
  2. we want to have economic impact and create jobs in Europe, and believe this is achieved by outstanding and free basic research, independent of industry interests.

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