Last Updated: 29 January 2023

Bobo has a field day on his European vacation, bringing his sublime genius across the pond.

EEEEE AAAH OH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (a very Merry Christmas to all!!!).

For those of you in Europe who have not had the pleasure of meeting Bobo, I’ll provide you with a brief introduction. Bobo is the dart-throwing monkey (chimpanzee actually) who works for Index Publications, the company that brings you But in truth, we all actually work for Bobo because of the astonishing run he is on. You see, Bobo has the uncanny ability to be able to throw darts at a board of ETF tickers and come up with portfolios that beat his more actively chosen (and more expensively managed) competitors time and time again. Beat them is a gentle way of putting it. In recent years, he has in fact CRUSHED his competition.

And now, my European friends, prepare to bask in the Glory of Bobo, because he’s bringing his zen-like ability to hit all the right ETFs with his darts (BLINDFOLDED MIND YOU) to Europe. With the launch of the new data tool, covering the range of ETFs across Europe, it was easy for us to bring out a dart board and put the little guy (our champion monkey) to work. No holds barred, Bobo has thrown 10 darts at the board for the European ETFs. And here, NOW, TODAY, on this fine Boxing Day, is what he came up with (much like the data tool, Bobo knows no boundaries, so the selections are from across Europemost of the selected ETFs are multiple-listed; we use the listing Bobo’s dart hit):

  1. DB x-trackers iBoxx € Sovereign TR Index (DBXN.FRA) (+8.95% in euros YTD)
  2. iShares DJ STOXX 600 Banks (EXV1.FRA) (-63.63% in euros YTD)
  3. ETFS Heating Oil ETC (HEAT.LON) (-51.35% in dollars YTD)
  4. iShares FTSE Xinhua 25 (IDFX.LON) (-50.96% in dollars YTD)
  5. PowerShares Palisades Global Water (PSHO.LON) (-45.97% in euros YTD)
  6. Lyxor ETF DJ Stoxx 600 Autos and Parts (AUT.PAR) (-43.78% in euros YTD)
  7. SGAM ETF Private Equity (LPX.PAR) (-68.24% in euros YTD)
  8. Market Access AMEX Gold Bugs (MAGB.SWX) (-28.43% in euros YTD)
  9. DB x-trackers MSCI Russia Capped Index (XMRC.MIL) (-72.76% in dollars YTD)
  10. Lyxor ETF EuroMTS 15+Yr (EM15.MIL) (10.79% in euros YTD)

So there you have it. Now watch the magic of Bobo start to work.

And one last quick word from Bobo:

EYYYYAAAAK OW OOOO EEEEKAH Wah WOAHHH! (My arm is tired. Time to sit back and start making some money. Where are the *$%&! bananas and “wahwoe” {cane wine}?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bobo, Europe. And a Happy 2009 to all!


  • Hello, my name is Luke Handt; I am a successful Bitcoin trader, financial analyst, and researcher. I have been studying the market trends for the conventional stock exchange system globally since I was in college.

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