Founder of Crypto Capital Venture Bullish on $ADA and $XRP

Last Updated: 9 November 2023

Dan Gambardello, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture, has recently expressed his optimistic outlook on the future prospects of two prominent cryptocurrencies, $XRP and $ADA. In a detailed video presentation that spans over 15 minutes, Gambardello not only shares his insights but also delves into his portfolio strategy and approach to profit-taking. He believes that both these digital assets have the potential to be blue-chip investments in the upcoming cryptocurrency bull cycle.

Cardano (ADA) – A Core Investment

Gambardello begins by reaffirming his unwavering commitment to Cardano (ADA), which holds a substantial portion of his investment portfolio. His optimism revolves around the expectation of a substantial bull cycle for Cardano, particularly due to the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) on its platform. Gambardello speculates that in a scenario where the entire cryptocurrency market reaches a market cap of $10 trillion, if ADA can maintain a 4% dominance, it could potentially achieve a market cap of $400 billion. This would position ADA at an $11 valuation, signifying a remarkable 30x increase from its current price.

XRP – A Synergetic Investment

In addition to Cardano, Gambardello expresses his excitement for XRP. Despite the differences between ADA and XRP, he identifies a synergy in holding both of these assets in his portfolio. Notably, he points out that both ADA and XRP boast vibrant and active communities, which arguably surpass those of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Gambardello envisions that XRP, similar to ADA, has the potential for significant gains. Moreover, he considers XRP to be a lower-risk investment with a promising reward potential, particularly taking into account its remarkable recovery from the SEC lawsuit and its clear regulatory status.

The Importance of Profit-Taking

Gambardello emphasizes the crucial importance of having a well-thought-out profit-taking strategy. He advocates for a conservative approach, highlighting that even if one holds a bullish long-term view on a cryptocurrency, it is prudent to start realizing profits once substantial gains have been attained. As he contemplates whether to commence selling ADA at a 5x increase from its current price, he underscores the significance of having a clear profit-taking plan in place.

Expanding Cardano’s Ecosystem

Gambardello briefly touches on the broader Cardano ecosystem and hints at the potential of native tokens and other projects within this ecosystem. These developments, he suggests, could offer even higher returns to investors. While he refrains from specifying particular altcoins, he alludes to the consideration of some that have not yet become publicly tradable.


Dan Gambardello’s insights into the cryptocurrency market, especially regarding Cardano (ADA) and XRP, provide a valuable perspective for investors seeking opportunities in the crypto space. As the cryptocurrency bull cycle unfolds, his cautious approach to profit-taking serves as a prudent reminder of the need for well-defined investment strategies. With the cryptocurrency market continuing to evolve, the potential for significant gains and exciting opportunities remains a focal point for both new and seasoned investors.

In the dynamic landscape of the cryptocurrency market, the insights shared by Dan Gambardello present an invaluable perspective for investors navigating the complexities of this evolving space. His strategic approach to profit-taking aligns with the essence of well-defined investment strategies, a crucial aspect in the world of crypto investments. As the crypto market continues to offer promising opportunities for both seasoned and new investors, platforms like Bitcoin Supersplit and Bitcoin Fortune can serve as channels for individuals seeking to engage in these exciting prospects.

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