Immediate Bitcoin Review – Is it SCAM?

Last Updated: 19 March 2023

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Immediate Bitcoin is for new and expert investors who want to leverage the best Bitcoin metrics to earn more profits online.

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Automated Trading Software
Immediate Bitcoin is designed to ride dominant market slides and leverage top-ranking market caps to generate significant profit. The automated system allows users to reap the rewards without stress, encouraging more investment.
Earn More Profits with Immediate Bitcoin
The software effortlessly generates over 90% ROI after your investment.
Technical Analysis Report
Our editorial team has studied the profit index rating for Immediate Bitcoin, which is impressive, and proof the software works. We have written our report below.
You can trust Immediate Bitcoin! We recommend this crypto trading software to everyone.
Paul Amery, Chief Editor, IndexUniverse

Paul Amery, Chief Editor

Immediate Bitcoin Summary

Here are a few key features to keep in mind when using the Immediate Bitcoin:

Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC
Minimum Deposit $250
Withdrawal Time 24 hours
Platform Type Crypto trading platform

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Immediate Bitcoin Review

We have seen so many reviews about Immediate Bitcoin online, but there was always something missing. We have been receiving too many emails about Immediate Bitcoin but we cannot give our opinion based on what we have read online. This is why my team decided to review Immediate Bitcoin.

Immediate Bitcoin Review – Is it SCAM?

Having a first-hand experience will help us to understand how Immediate Bitcoin works and if it is a good investment. For this review, we sought to check and test all the features of Immediate Bitcoin with the aim to discover how the auto trading system works.

We uncovered so many outstanding facts about Immediate Bitcoin that sets the auto trading platform apart from the rest.

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Here is a summary of our review;

  • Immediate Bitcoin is an authentic auto trading platform; it is registered and meets global standards as an automated trading platform.
  • The online trading system is protected by the best cyber security systems, which make user data and funds inaccessible to unauthorised persons.
  • The win rate for transactions automatically completed on the platform is 98%, which is impressive.
  • The minimum deposit that a user needs to have in their account to start trading and making money is $250.
  • There is a fast deposit and payout system which is convenient for all investors.
  • There is a 24/7 customer care system that is available to all investors who use the auto trading system daily.

We are happy that Immediate Bitcoin is getting the attention it deserves. More people need to start earning an income from the crypto market every day. The process of making money with auto trading platforms such as Immediate Bitcoin is too easy, and it hurts to know that some people out there are struggling financially when there is a convenient way to make so much money from the cryptocurrency market.

My team is always happy to help, the billions of dollars generated from the cryptocurrency market are enough for all investors in the system to share.

Immediate Bitcoin Tips & Tricks
    • Never buy cryptocurrencies at one of these Bitcoin ATMs
    • Invest low
    • Check the minimum amount for cryptocurrency withdrawals from cryptocurrency exchanges before sending money
    • What are the tax consequences of earning a lot of money?
    • Always up to date with news about cryptocurrencies

Manual trading vs. automated trading systems

So many people consider the manual trading processes and give up halfway because it is too stressful. Many years ago, there was no alternative, so investors had to trade manually. With the introduction of auto trading platforms such as Immediate Bitcoin, the process changed.

Immediate Bitcoin is grouped among the smart auto trading platforms that can be used to make so much money from the crypto market in minutes.

Auto trading systems such as Immediate Bitcoin were accepted by traders and investors in many parts of the world for so many reasons. We identified these reasons and used them as parameters while testing Immediate Bitcoin.

Immediate Bitcoin benefits

Fast Transactions

Auto trading platforms are known to perform fast transactions. We included this as one of the tests to use during our assessment for Immediate Bitcoin. It is important for a good auto trading system to have the operational framework that can perform fast transactions. This is essential because the market trends change by the minute.

We can confirm that Immediate Bitcoin works with trading robots that can perform fast transactions and seal the deal on behalf of an investor before the market trends change.


Manual trading processes are prone to error, and from our experience, we know that one error can cause severe issues such as loss of capital and frustration. It is best to use smart trading systems such as Immediate Bitcoin. We know this because we tested Immediate Bitcoin and the live trading system is excellent.

Our tests reveal that the accuracy rating for transactions on Immediate Bitcoin is 96%, which is very high. We can also attribute the high number of positive reviews about Immediate Bitcoin to the accuracy rating of the system. Everyone is making money with Immediate Bitcoin.

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Online Security

My team checked the online security systems with care because we know how fast investor’s funds can be stolen if there is a breach by hackers. This is another area that auto trading systems such as Immediate Bitcoin Stand out when compared to manual trading processes.

Online security can never be compromised, and we are happy that the developers of Immediate Bitcoin have ensured that the auto trading platform is secure.

Immediate Bitcoin Advantages & Disadvantages 


    • Intuitive dashboard
    • Registration and verification is easy
    • Demo trading function available
    • Convenient 24/7 customer service


  • Unverified testimonials
  • Misleading marketing claims


We also tested the system for transparency. For this test, my team needed to be sure that the payout values and percentages deducted from the investors’ profits as commission, after a live trading session, were accurate.
After our experience and successful withdrawal, we can confirm that the trading system on this platform is transparent. We observed consistency in the deductions as commission. Made after trading sessions ended, and there were never any discrepancies.

It helps to invest with a transparent system; the investors learn to trust the system and are willing to keep investing. Immediate Bitcoin is excellent in this regard.

Immediate Bitcoin - famous Investors

Daily income

My team did four live trading sessions during this Immediate Bitcoin review. These trading sessions were done on different days because we had a goal. We wanted to be sure that every user can earn a profit every day. We have good news, it works, Immediate Bitcoin is an outstanding trading platform, and it is possible to earn a significant profit every day.

We decided to keep trading with Immediate Bitcoin, using the account that we created because it is rare to find a reliable auto trading platform that works as good as Immediate Bitcoin.

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We know that some auto trading systems can be disappointing. For example, a user can have a wonderful experience one day and a horrible experience the next day. These inconsistencies are due to downtimes on the trading platform, non-functional features and slow processing.

We did several trading sessions with Immediate Bitcoin to ensure that the good experience we had during the first live trading session was not a one-time experience. We are impressed with Bitcoin Method. The auto trading platform meets all our expectations. It is a platform that can be used to earn a passive income daily.

1. Open a free account

You must provide your full name, email address, password and phone number.

2. Make a deposit

You can choose whether you want to pay the minimum required amount or whether you want to invest a higher amount. Choose your preferred payment method.

3. Start trading

With the trading dashboard now accessible, you can check your status and make withdrawals.

How to create an Immediate Bitcoin Account

We have written about our experience while creating an Immediate Bitcoin account as a guide to help our readers understand the process. It is very simple, we could create an account in less than three minutes because the information required to register an account can be easily provided.

We downloaded the account registration form and completed it, we entered the following information, an account name, email, and phone number. That was all, the information we provided was verified and we received notification via email that the Immediate Bitcoin account had been registered.

Immediate Bitcoin - news

How to use the live trading feature

First, we needed to make a deposit, the money transferred into the Bitcode AI account will be used to trade crypto on the live market.

We found it very easy to make a deposit into our new account because there were different payment platforms already online. We found options to make payments such as MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and bank transfer options among others. My team tested the live trading feature with the minimum deposit of $250, which was transferred via a Visa debit card.

After the transfer was made, we activated the live trading feature and sat back to watch the trading robots do all the work. It was a fantastic experience. We observed how fast the trading robots worked, in a few minutes, multiple transactions had already been completed and we earned a profit.

Tips for new investors

We noted some points that can help new investors start earning more money with Immediate Bitcoin;

Start with a small capital

The best investment approach for new users is starting with small capital. We suggest the minimum capital of $250.

Tip: Register with Immediate Bitcoin today. Soon the free trial version will no longer be available. Start Free Trail Now.

Trade daily

Users won’t spend more than twenty minutes daily, so it is best to find time to activate the live trading feature every day.

Follow the market trends

Better investment decisions can be made by getting information about the market. You can follow trends on social media, financial news, and the internet.

Withdraw and save profits

Always withdraw your profits, save it and reinvest the capital.

Is there a mobile app for Immediate Bitcoin?

We did not find a mobile app link on the site, but we did not need it because the auto trading platform is easily accessible. We could sign into the auto trading platform by using any of the common web browsers on smartphones or laptops.

All we needed was an internet-ready device and fast connectivity.Users of Immediate Bitcoin

Our Conclusion

We have tested all the features of Immediate Bitcoin, and our results are excellent. My team concluded that Immediate Bitcoin ranks among the top auto trading platforms out there. We can confirm that all investors on the platform will earn a profit after trading sessions are ended.

The auto trading platform is secure, and the system is transparent. We were able to withdraw our funds to a linked bank account without any issues. We recommend Immediate Bitcoin to everyone who needs to start earning an additional income.

Overall rating:

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Immediate Bitcoin FAQ

No. Internet scams can often be recognised by two things. The first is that they deliberately try to hide important information, such as the name of the founder. We now know that the founder of Immediate Bitcoin is former Wall Street trader John Quigley. Secondly, it is almost impossible to contact fraudsters because they do not have a customer service department. Even if they do, customer service is often inactive. Immediate Bitcoin has a responsive email address and chat feature on the website.

We are sure that Immediate Bitcoin is a product that celebrities might be interested in. However, we were not able to find any information that proves that Immediate Bitcoin is endorsed by any particular celebrity.

The software is free to use. Users only need to deposit money into their wallet to activate the trading features. Users can try out the demo account before they deposit.

Immediate Bitcoin withdrawals are easy to request and fast. Exactly when the money will arrive in your account depends on the payment service you choose and your geographical location. Some payment services take five business days to process your transaction, while others take only a few hours.

Immediate Bitcoin requires users to deposit at least $250 of trading capital. Immediate Bitcoin does not have a limit on the maximum amount of trading capital.

Immediate Bitcoin claims that users can make a lot of money by using the software. We are not saying that this claim is false, but we have found out that users need to invest a lot of time to learn the software before they can really make a lot of money.

Yes, it does. Immediate Bitcoin has an active email address that users can use if they need help. In addition, users can send a message to the support team through the chat feature on the website.

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