Inside Indexing Europe

19 November 2013

Grand Connaught Rooms • London, UK

Inside Indexing Europe is delighted to introduce Inside Indexing Europe, a conference which will address key topics for European institutions managing and investing in index-tracking funds or using indices as benchmarks.

With fund management costs under scrutiny, index-based investing is attracting more and more interest from those who generate long-term returns for savers. At the same time, the proliferation of ever more complex “smart beta” strategies is placing increasing demands on investors to select the right index product.

Inside Indexing Europe will take an in-depth look at the major index issues, including:

  • Adding value to index returns
  • The role of smart beta
  • Choosing the right index
  • Indexing in different asset classes

Under the editorial guidance of IndexUniverse, Inside Indexing Europe offers you a day of information-filled debate and critical analysis on the most important index-related questions. We look forward to welcoming you in London on November 19, 2013.


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