Lens Protocol rebrands scaling solution to Momoka

Last Updated: 28 April 2023

Lens Protocol, the developer of a web3 social network, has renamed its newly launched scaling solution from Bonsai to Momoka due to trademark concerns. The team made the announcement on Twitter Spaces just a day after the initial launch. The Lens Protocol software stack aims to offer censorship resistance for social media apps and provide new forms of content monetization. Momoka will optimize cost and scalability by storing transactions off-chain, relying on its data-availability layer.

Lens Protocol’s Background

Lens Protocol is a decentralized social graph that aims to offer an alternative to major social media platforms. Launched on Polygon in May 2022, it offers a software stack to build such alternatives while providing censorship resistance.

The need for scaling solutions

One of the main issues faced by social media apps is the limited scalability of blockchains. This makes it difficult to process a large number of transactions and limits the possibilities for content monetization.

The launch of Momoka

To address this problem, Lens Protocol launched a new scaling solution, initially named Bonsai, on Wednesday. The solution aimed to scale social media applications for the project by optimizing cost and scalability. However, due to the presence of an existing project named Bonsai.xyz, the name was quickly changed to Momoka.

Momoka’s solution

Momoka will process most transactions off-chain, relying on its data-availability layer. Data availability is essential for scaling solutions because it ensures that off-chain data remains accessible and verifiable when needed for on-chain settlement, dispute resolution or audits. This approach can avoid the limitations of block space on Ethereum and other blockchains.

Proactive measures to avoid brand complications

The swift transition to the alternative name, Momoka, was a proactive measure to avoid unnecessary brand complications in the future. A Lens Protocol representative said that the effort was made to ensure the name wasn’t trademarked, acting promptly upon realizing the pre-existing use of the name within the sector.


Lens Protocol’s new scaling solution, Momoka, aims to help social media apps scale by optimizing cost and scalability. The solution relies on processing most transactions off-chain and ensuring data availability. The team’s swift action to rebrand the solution demonstrates their commitment to proactive measures and avoiding potential brand complications.

Investors looking to capitalize on the growth potential of blockchain-based social media platforms may want to keep an eye on Lens Protocol’s Momoka scaling solution. By offering a cost-effective and scalable solution, Lens Protocol could attract more developers and users to its platform, potentially driving the value of its associated tokens. Trading platforms like Bitcoin Prime and Brexit Millionaire offer investors a way to easily gain exposure to the blockchain industry and potentially benefit from its growth.

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