Michael Saylor: ‘this is an ideal entry moment’

Last Updated: 17 June 2022

The CEO of Microstrategy, Michael Saylor, spoke in a recent interview with CNCB about the current situation with his company. Microstrategy namely has a gigantic portfolio of bitcoin.

Increase of 86%

The company has had bitcoin since August 2020. So it is still well in profit with its initial purchases. Saylor said bitcoin has done 10 times better than any other asset since then. Here he was referring to the S&P 500, gold and the Nasdaq 100 index.

He is not just making this up. Saylor comes up with figures that support how well bitcoin performs in the long term. He said that gold has dropped ten percent since Microstrategy’s first bitcoin purchase in 2020. The Nasdaq has remained virtually the same, and bitcoin – the digital gold – has risen 86 per cent since then.

BTC performs best

Saylor is convinced that the crypto market leader is the best performing asset over any time period. Whether it is 2 years, 4 years or 8 years, there is no better investment than bitcoin, according to him. This is why he and MicroStrategy have chosen to invest in this digital currency.

He also says that bitcoin is a risky investment if you only want to invest for a month. Bitcoin is too volatile to be bullish within a month. But for an investor who wants to leave his bitcoins for 10 years, Saylor thinks it is a risk-free store of value. “No one has ever lost money by investing in bitcoin for four years,” he claimed.

He also stated that the average of bitcoin is around $21,685 for a four-year period. Saylor therefore called this price a great buying opportunity and an ideal entry point.

The dissenting voice

Of course Saylor does not receive only praise for his decision to invest in bitcoin (or to do interviews about bitcoin). Bitcoin hater Peter Schiff criticised the CEO of Microstrategy for extolling bitcoin and decrying gold.

“Outrageous! CNBC gave their favourite bitcoin pumper Michael Saylor more unchallenged airtime to spread lies about bitcoin and bash gold. CNBC even let him brag that borrowing to buy bitcoin was the best investment Microstrategy could have made, despite a 30% drop,” Schiff tweeted.

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