Mysterious Shiba Inu Whales Make Trillions of SHIB Moves as Shibarium Activity Skyrockets

Last Updated: 4 September 2023

In a surprising turn of events, substantial volumes of SHIB, the native cryptocurrency of Shiba Inu, have recently been transferred, with a jaw-dropping amount of 4,642,530,677,374 SHIB (equivalent to approximately 38,057,145 USD) moving from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet. This significant movement in the Shiba Inu ecosystem has been closely monitored by cryptocurrency market watchers, particularly Whale Alert, which has been known for tracking large crypto transactions.

The timing of this massive SHIB transfer coincides with a recent blog post from Shytoshi Kusama, the pseudonymous developer behind Shiba Inu. Kusama’s post has generated a considerable amount of interest and speculation in the Shiba Inu community.

Shiba Inu Gears Up with Shibarium

In his blog post, Kusama conveyed a sense of confidence in Shiba Inu’s readiness and security. This announcement comes on the heels of the official launch of Shibarium, a groundbreaking development for the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Shibarium aims to transform Shiba Inu from a meme coin into a network with practical use cases, and its launch was not without its share of technical difficulties. Notably, it witnessed approximately $1.79 million worth of Ethereum getting stuck during the bridge day.

Kusama expressed his gratitude to the Polygon team for their invaluable support during this challenging period. He acknowledged that he had reached out to them for assistance, and the Polygon team swiftly provided additional resources to ensure a successful resolution. Kusama asserted that their decision to pivot and fork onto the Polygon network was the right one.

Shibarium’s Promising Growth

Shibarium Explorer, a tool for tracking activities on Shibarium, currently records an impressive daily transaction count of 73,650 and boasts nearly 900,000 addresses on the network. On August 25, Shibarium experienced a peak in traffic with over 130,000 transactions documented. Despite this increased activity, the network utilization remains at a relatively modest 33 percent. The total value locked (TVL) on Shibarium presently stands at $1.23 million.

While this TVL figure may appear small compared to the staggering $37 billion TVL across the broader decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, as reported by DeFiLama, it underscores the fact that Shibarium is still in its early stages of development. Among the nine protocols currently operating on Shibarium, DogSwap stands out as the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) with a TVL exceeding $687,000.

What Lies Ahead for SHIB?

It’s worth noting that perpetual SHIB listings continue to be added to cryptocurrency exchanges. For instance, BitMEX, a prominent exchange, made a significant announcement on August 29, revealing the launch of two perpetual listings featuring SHIB. These pairs include SHIB and USD, as well as SHIB and USDT, with traders able to utilize leverage of up to 33x for trading.

Perpetual futures contracts, commonly referred to as “perps,” offer traders the opportunity to speculate on asset prices without expiration dates, mirroring the accessibility and profit potential of the spot cryptocurrency market. However, it’s essential to recognize that trading perps involves substantial risks and demands a deep understanding of the market dynamics.

As of the time of writing, SHIB had experienced a 2.42% decline in its daily trading value, settling at $0.0000076, as per data sourced from CoinMarketCap. This dip in SHIB’s value appears to be part of a broader market sell-off, potentially linked to the heightened anticipation surrounding the SEC’s delay in approving a Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), which has triggered a ripple effect causing several major cryptocurrencies to stumble.

Amidst this enigmatic shift in SHIB’s daily trading value, astute investors are navigating these turbulent waters with strategic precision. The intricate dance of cryptocurrencies often mirrors global financial events, and in this case, the SEC’s delay in greenlighting a Bitcoin ETF seems to have sent shockwaves through the market. As you ponder your investment decisions, platforms like Imperial Go and Gas Ertrag offer a sanctuary for traders seeking stability and opportunity in the midst of crypto’s captivating unpredictability.

  • Luke Handt

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