Pattern Trader Review – Is it SCAM?

Last Updated: 17 March 2023


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Pattern Trader is for new and expert investors who want to leverage the best Bitcoin metrics to earn more profits online.

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Automated Trading Software
Pattern Trader is an automated trading software that creates a simple way to invest and earn daily gains from selling Bitcoins.
Long-term Yield Earning Capability
You can depend on Pattern Trader to earn money from trades consistently with a high-profit cap.
Performance Tests
We did performance tests to confirm whether Pattern Trader is as good as they say. Our report reveals our findings, the software works excellently.
Pattern Trader converts good market trends into profit! We recommend Pattern Trader because it yields consistent profits.
Paul Amery, Chief Editor, IndexUniverse

Paul Amery, Chief Editor

Pattern Trader Summary

This table lists the most important details about the Pattern Trader bot:

Minimum Deposit € 250
Claimed Success Rate 99%
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP, BAT, LITECOIN
Mobile App? No
Fees None

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Pattern Trader Review

The best description for a good investment will be an arrangement that allows the investor to make money without stress. This is similar to what can be experienced when investing in the crypto market. The use of automated crypto trading platforms has made it so easy to make money from the crypto market.

This review is focused on Pattern Trader; it is one of the automated crypto trading platforms that can change the lives of investors positively, according to the claims made by the owners.

Pattern Trader Review – Is it SCAM?

This Pattern Trader review has been done to confirm many of the claims and promises made by the creators of the crypto trading platform. There is so much information about Pattern Trader out there, but the stories and claims cannot be completely trusted because it is from random people online.

This review presents factual information about the Pattern Trader crypto trading platform.

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What is Pattern Trader?

Pattern Trader is an automated trading platform that has particular features designed to buy and sell cryptocurrencies automatically. Pattern Trader is a special crypto trading system; it incorporates the trading features of expert traders and AI-based crypto trading technology to deliver excellent results every time.

This is a summary of the information presented on the official Pattern Trader website.

During this review, the team’s focus was on finding out whether the promises made by the Pattern Trader developers can be kept by presenting and sustaining a profitable trading platform.

How profitable is Pattern Trader?

The first live trading experience with Pattern Trader was done to confirm whether it is a profitable auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies. The live trading session lasted for five hours, and in the end, the payout system calculated a total profit of $988.

Pattern Trader Tips & Tricks
    • When will you cash out?
    • Read the terms of use of the Staking offers
    • Use two-factor authentication with cryptocurrency exchanges
    • You have diversified your crypto portfolio?
    • Note that all cryptocurrency transactions carry a certain amount of risk

The team was excited about this profit, and it was much more than expected. This wonderful first trading experience can be used as a reference to confirm that trading with Pattern Trader is profitable. The team performed many more trading sessions and the outcome was very impressive.

After studying the testimonials that have been written by other users, it can be confirmed that Pattern Trader is a reliable crypto trading platform that yields a consistent profit every time. The crypto trading process is fast, and the chances of earning a profit from the platform every day are very high.

These factors were considered, and it was easy to confirm that Pattern Trader is a fantastic crypto trading platform that works excellently.

Pattern Trader - the future of digital trading

How it works

The Pattern Trader trading robot works with an algorithmic crypto trading model that has been designed to function independently.

When the trading robot is activated, it scans the entire crypto market to detect potentially good deals that can yield significant profits. In the end, the crypto trading robot uses the deposit that has been paid in by the account owner to buy the cheaper crypto, which can be sold to make a profit when the market rates rise.

The trading system the team experienced on Pattern Trader is simple and very effective, all the features work as expected. This is potentially a trading platform that can be used to earn a profit from the crypto market every day, depending on the sustainability of the trading platform.

When asked about the measures that have been installed to make the crypto trading platform sustainable, the owners of Pattern Trader confirm that a huge investment has been put in to ensure that the auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies continues to deliver the best results to all crypto traders.

Get Started With Pattern Trader For Free

How to get started

Pattern Trader has been designed with some really simple features that can give every crypto investor a wonderful experience when they start trading with the platform the very first time. The starting process that was documented during this Pattern Trader review has been described below;

Registering a Pattern Trader account

The account registration system on Pattern Trader has been designed for easy use. Anyone can register a new account, and it will take only a few minutes. The team was able to register a new Pattern Trader account in less than three minutes.

1. Open a free account

You must provide your full name, email address, password and phone number.

2. Make a deposit

You can choose whether you want to pay the minimum required amount or whether you want to invest a higher amount. Choose your preferred payment method.

3. Start trading

With the trading dashboard now accessible, you can check your status and make withdrawals.

Just be sure that you can quickly confirm your email address and phone number as soon as the verification notification request is received, and the rest is easy. All Bitcoin Trend App users are expected to set up strong passwords and access codes during the account registration process.

This is a good practice because it increases the security that protects the online Pattern Trader account from hackers.

Pattern Trader - how it works

Setting up the payment process

The next step after completing the account registration is setting up the Pattern Trader payment process. This is done via a payment management portal, which makes it very convenient for all crypto traders.

It is essential to make a deposit because the live trading feature cannot be activated if there is no money on the crypto investors Pattern Trader account. The deposit paid in is used to buy cryptocurrencies, which are resold to make a profit.

It has been observed that the deposit remains the property of the crypto trader, and it can be used for trading at any time.

The Pattern Trader team have set up different online payment platforms that can be used to make a deposit conveniently. This means that users can trust the payment processing unit to securely make deposits without being worried about the safety of funds or user data.

The reputable online platforms that have been featured on Ethereum Code include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Netteller, Skrill, and others. All crypto traders who use Pattern Trader also have the opportunity to make a deposit by authorising a direct bank transfer from their local bank account.

To make a deposit, the user must indicate the amount to be transferred and send in the authorisation codes. Pattern Trader allows all users to start trading with a deposit as low as $250.

Tip: Register with Pattern Trader today and use the free trial version.

Pattern Trader Advantages and Disadvantages 


    • Uses modern algorithms.
    • High-quality data security.
    • High leverage trading.
    • No hidden fees.


  • High risk due to high leverage.
  • Limited to some popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Misleading information is used by advertisers.

Live trading

The Pattern Trader live trading feature can be used at any time; however, the experts have advised new users to trade crypto during the peak period on the market. They claim that the peak market period is a time when there are more lucrative deals that can yield significant profits.

The live trading session started quickly, after clicking on the assigned button, the crypto trading robot started its work, and the team only sat back to observe the crypto trading process while making the necessary notes.

Pattern Trader - benefits

Review results

Pattern Trader has earned its place as one of the most reliable crypto trading platforms. It works excellently, and there are no issues regarding the trading system. The overall performance report for the crypto trading platform shows that Pattern Trader can be trusted.

According to the test results, it was seen that the Pattern Trader trading robot has an accuracy rating of 98%, this explains why the crypto trading platform is profitable. Also, the usability tests returned with a 97% excellent rating, this is not a surprise because the Pattern Trader trading features are very simple and efficient. No skills are needed to trade with Pattern Trader.

Regarding consistency, the team concluded that every crypto trader who uses Pattern Trader would earn nothing less than $800 even when they trade with the minimum deposit. We had all the information needed to conclude that Pattern Trader is excellent, everyone should try it.

Overall rating:

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Pattern Trader FAQ

There is no set amount. Some users make $50 a day while others make over $1,000. On average, a user can earn a few hundred dollars a day, but this is far from certain.

No. The whole idea of an automated trading bot is to make the trading process faster and easier for the user. It shouldn’t take more than half an hour a day.

Pattern Trader makes it easy. All you have to do is fill out and submit a withdrawal form and you will receive your money within 24 hours.

Because of our sophisticated security methods, data breaches are unlikely to occur. Your money is safe with Pattern Trader.

There were rumors on the internet that it was backed by Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Peter Jones, but these rumors turned out to be false after doing some research.

Unlike other trading platforms, Pattern Trader has a much easier and more straightforward registration and verification process. It takes about 20 minutes to get started.

You certainly can. You can use the demo mode to try out different trading strategies without any financial risk.

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