Prime Advantage Review – Is it SCAM?

Last Updated: 17 March 2023


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Prime Advantage is excellent for beginners and professionals because the software is reliable.

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Profitable Trading Software
Prime Advantage is a top-rated trading software for investors who need to start making money with Bitcoin.
Guaranteed Profits
With this software, you have a guarantee of earning ROI of over 90% of your capital.
Testing and Analysis
Our team has tested its features to discover and confirm the software’s effectiveness. Read our report on how it works.
Prime Advantage gives impressive results. This is why we recommend the platform to everyone.
Paul Amery, Chief Editor, IndexUniverse

Paul Amery, Chief Editor

Prime Advantage Summary

Platform Type Crypto Trading Platform
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH and 15 crypto assets
Withdrawal Time 24 hours
Minimum Deposit $250

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Prime Advantage Review

This is the long awaited Prime Advantage review for crypto currency speculators who need a faster and more efficient way to trade cryptocurrencies successfully.

Prime Advantage Review – Is it SCAM?

Prime Advantage has been in the market for up to one year already and after reviewing how it works, it seems like this is a closely guarded secret that many experts have been trying to keep for themselves.

Prime Advantage has been found to have excellent features that can potentially be leveraged to make so much money from the cryptocurrency market. During this review, trading with Prime Advantage was a seamless experience, and the outcome was very rewarding financially.

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What is Prime Advantage?

For the new readers who are just learning about the crypto market, Prime Advantage is an automated trading platform for different cryptocurrencies. It is a smart system that can be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies accurately, based on positive market trends.

Prime Advantage is legit; it is a fully registered crypto trading system that can be used to make money from the crypto market without stress. The crypto traders who use this system have a guarantee that they can earn a profit from the market every day.

How Prime Advantage works

The functional features of Prime Advantage have been designed to work based on commands sent by the crypto investor who is trading with the system. Commands can be sent through clicks on the site to proceed with trading.

A live trading session involves the trading robot that scans the cryptocurrency market to identify the best deals that can yield massive profits for the account owner. Good deals on the crypto market are secured quickly; the live trading session is continuous until it is ended by the account owner.

Prime Advantage - how to start

How much are Prime Advantage users earning?

A good way to determine the earnings on the platform is by performing a live trading session. From personal experience, after trading with the system, using the minimum deposit of $250, the profit earned was a little above $800.

Many other crypto traders reported similar earnings with the Prime Advantage system. It can be assumed that the estimated profit that can be earned after trading at $250 is $800.

There are crypto traders who earn so much more money as their profit. These are investors who trade with a higher deposit. Instead of trading with the minimum deposit, they invest capital as high as $1,000 and earn up to $6,000 every day. This gives an idea of the potential profits that can be earned with Prime Advantage every day.

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Prime Advantage features

The first experience with the Prime Advantage features will reveal that the features have been designed with very simple plans that allow all users to buy and sell crypto without stress. The Prime Advantage features have been described below;

Account registration feature

This is the first trading feature that every crypto investor will use on the platform. After completing the account registration process, they can proceed to make a deposit and start trading cryptocurrencies through a seamless and reliable platform.

Prime Advantage Tips & Tricks
    • What is a realistic expectation for the cryptocurrency you are investing in?
    • Do you trade regularly or stick to it for the long term?
    • Unemployed? Many cryptocurrency companies are hiring and the barriers to entry are quite low because the field is so new!
    • Listen to different opinions when they come from people who actually know how cryptocurrencies work
    • Never buy cryptocurrencies from financial institutions – they charge a high premium

Finance management feature

This is a standard feature that can be used to manage the money paid in as deposit or withdrawn from the system after earning. The deposit can be easily made through any of the online payment platforms affiliated with Prime Advantage.

The deposit is essential to start trading, the minimum deposit is $250, and it has been lowered to encourage more crypto traders to start making money from the market.

Withdrawals can also be done with this feature, after trading and earning a profit, the account owner can withdraw their profit into a local bank account that has been linked to Prime Advantage.

Payout feature

Prime Advantage has an accurate payout feature that calculates the profit earned by the crypto trader. The developers of Prime Advantage have designed an automated payout feature, which is very convenient for new crypto traders and investors who are just getting an understanding of how the automated crypto trading system works.

Prime Advantage - Top Features

Online customer support feature

This is one of the most helpful features of the Crypto Nation Pro trading platform. All crypto traders who use the system can activate the customer support feature to contact the team for help, when necessary. The crypto trader who uses this feature will find different options that can be used to get the help they need.

For example, they can choose to contact the customer support team via live chat, email, or phone call over the internet. There is also a self-service option that can be used by crypto traders who have some experience with the smart trading system.

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Advantages of trading with Prime Advantage

The satisfied users who have been trading with Prime Advantage have listed a large number of benefits on the platform. According to many of these users, they will continue trading with Prime Advantage because of these benefits.

Consistent profit from the crypto market

It is not surprising that investors can earn a profit from the crypto market every day. After all, the revenue generated from the crypto market is reported to be millions of dollars. There is so much money for active investors in the crypto market to share.


    • Availability of trading forex assets along with cryptocurrencies
    • A mobile app is available
    • Personal data is secured with SSL encryption
    • Has a free demo account
    • Different payment methods for deposits


  • Lacks authenticity as several cryptocurrency robots exist under the same name
  • Unverified claims about the robot’s effectiveness

Online security while trading

The Profit Edge trading system offers all its users online security. The developers of the platform have informed their audience that there should be no worries about trading risks because the crypto trading platform is secure.

The developers have stated that user information is stored remotely, and deposits have been secured with some of the best online security tools.

Prime Advantage offers fair value trading options

Investors who trade with Prime Advantage can start making money from the crypto market with a minimum deposit of only $250. According to the experts this is a fair value because other automated crypto trading platforms make it compulsory for their users to pay as much as $2,000 before they can trade with the system.

Reducing the trading deposit for new users can support upcoming investors who need to start making money from the crypto market.

Capital exposure limits

Investors who trade with Prime Advantage can rest assured that their deposit is safe because the system works with capital exposure limits. This means that the crypto trading platform can lower trading risks that arise due to the volatile nature of the crypto market.

The trading risk management measures include processes such as using stop loss limits to prevent losses during live trading sessions.

Prime Advantage - Bitcoin Trading

Compatibility with different operating systems

Crypto traders who use smartphones and laptop computers can trade without any issues because the Prime Advantage system works flawlessly on such platforms. The system can be used on smartphones, which makes it convenient for crypto investors who would like to trade while on transit or outdoors. All they need is internet connectivity to start trading.

Trading cryptocurrencies in real time

The automated trading system has been designed to work in real time. This is how the system is profitable for new and existing crypto traders.


Prime Advantage has some of the best features that can help crypto investors continue making money from the market. The system is user-friendly, and profitable. Prime Advantage is highly recommended.

Overall rating:

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Prime Advantage – Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum deposit for Prime Advantage is €250.

Yes, how much you earn depends on how much you invest.

Yes, you can. If there is more than one broker in your area, you can choose. If not, you must work with a broker who is available.

There is no withdrawal limit. You can choose to withdraw all your profits and you can deposit whenever you want.

Yes, you can use all the features of the bot with the demo account.

Yes. The trading platform is protected against hacks and can be used safely.

Yes, it is. Crypto profits are legal income that must be taxed at certain rates.

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