Ripple Joins Bank for International Settlements’ Taskforce for Cross-Border Payments Innovation

Last Updated: 10 August 2023

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency and financial sectors, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has formally welcomed Ripple (XRP) into its esteemed ‘cross-border payments interoperability and extension taskforce’. The announcement, made on August 9, underscores the growing partnership between traditional financial institutions and emerging blockchain technologies.

Fostering Global Coordination for Enhanced Cross-Border Payments

The taskforce, an integral part of the ‘BIS Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures’, comprises a consortium of 33 entities in addition to Ulrich Bindseil, the Chair of the committee and the Director of General Market Infrastructure & Payments at the European Central Bank. This strategic collaboration between Ripple and the BIS seeks to address the pressing need for enhanced cross-border payment solutions, which demand global coordination and cooperation between public authorities and private sector stakeholders.

BIS – A Pillar of International Financial Cooperation

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a preeminent international financial institution, serves as a cornerstone for fostering monetary and financial cooperation among member central banks. Beyond its role as a central bank for central banks, BIS plays a pivotal role in driving collaboration between public and private sectors, particularly in the realm of cross-border payments innovation.

Ripple’s Inclusion in the Taskforce

Ripple’s inclusion in the BIS taskforce underscores the recognition of its expertise and the value of its blockchain technology, especially the XRP Ledger. With its potential to revolutionize cross-border transactions, Ripple’s involvement in this taskforce aligns with the broader goals of the financial industry to harness technological advancements for smoother and more efficient global payment systems.

XRP’s Transactions and Market Performance

Recent data compiled by Finbold reveals that on August 8, the XRP Ledger recorded an impressive daily transaction count of close to 1.28 million, surpassing Ethereum’s count of 1.09 million transactions. Even Bitcoin (BTC), the pioneer cryptocurrency, trailed behind with approximately 0.33 million transactions on its blockchain. At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $0.66, displaying a 4.09% price increase for the day.

Collaborative Path Forward

The inclusion of Ripple in the Bank for International Settlements’ cross-border payments taskforce signifies the increasing synergy between traditional financial institutions and blockchain-based solutions. This partnership reflects the industry’s acknowledgment of the potential blockchain holds to transform the global payments landscape. As both public and private sectors come together through initiatives like these, the future of cross-border payments looks poised for innovation and efficiency.

As this collaboration paves the way for the convergence of traditional financial wisdom and cutting-edge blockchain advancements, astute investors might find themselves captivated by the potential opportunities emerging at the intersection of these realms. Exploring platforms like xBitcoin AI or Bitcoineer could offer investors a chance to engage with the dynamic shifts in the global payments landscape, allowing them to navigate these exciting developments with informed perspectives.

  • Gabriele Spapperi

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