Test in Prod releases OP Erigon client software for Optimism blockchain

Last Updated: 21 April 2023

Test in Prod, a contributor to the Optimism blockchain, has released OP Erigon, a new client software adapted from Ethereum’s mainnet execution layer for use on the Optimism Layer 2 scaling solution. The client is designed to operate alongside “OP-Geth,” another client software created specifically for Optimism.

Client diversity for Optimism blockchain

Optimism is designed to accommodate multiple clients operating on the Layer 2 network as well as other chains within the Optimism ecosystem. This push for client diversity aims to improve network resilience. The Optimism software architecture, known as the OP Stack, allows the network to split into a consensus layer and an execution layer for smart contracts, similar to the Ethereum mainnet.

OP Erigon to strengthen network resilience

OP Erigon, a fork of the L1 execution client Erigon, is anticipated to strengthen network resilience, contribute to the decentralization of the OP Stack, and foster developer creativity and experimentation. The client is currently in testing phase and can be accessed on the Optimistic Goerli testnet.

Magi by Andreessen Horowitz

Magi, a consensus client for Optimism, was introduced by venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz a day before OP Erigon’s release. With these new additions, the Optimism blockchain is moving towards a diverse client ecosystem, which is crucial for improving network resilience.

In conclusion, the release of OP Erigon by Test in Prod is a significant development for the Optimism blockchain, as it contributes to the network’s decentralization and resilience. The push for client diversity will likely lead to further developments in the Optimism ecosystem.

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  • Ivan Brightly

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