The News Spy Review – Is it SCAM?

Last updated on: 18/05/2022

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The News Spy is a reliable software and suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

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Automated Trading Software
The News Spy is an automated trading software that makes it easier for investors to invest in Bitcoin.
Profit maximisation
The software promises a fully automated return of over 90%.
Solid test report
Our editorial team has taken a close look at the software. We will explain below how the system works and how serious the software really is.
The News Spy persuades! Our team can recommend the software without reservation!
James Miller, Chief Editor, IndexUniverse

James Miller, Chief Editor

How can you profit from The News Spy?

Step 1: Click on the link to go to the official The News Spy website.
Step 2: Fill out the form to get a FREE licence for trading.
Step 3: Follow the instructions on the platform to profit from Bitcoin quickly!

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We just heard that one of the biggest Chinese firms that create mining rigs for cryptocurrency is searching for new miners to be a part of the huge project. What this means is that more crypto will soon be introduced to the market. That means a huge boost in trading activities. So much is going on in the cryptocurrency market, we are excited. And it is a great time to join the hundreds of investors who are already making money from trading cryptocurrency.The News Spy Review – Is it SCAM or LEGIT broker?

To be part of this huge revolution in the financial world, it is best to start trading with auto trading robots that can be used by anyone. Yes, with auto trading robots you don’t need any skills in cryptocurrency trading, all you need to do is register and start earning.

We particularly advocate the use of auto trading robots because people who are busy can still have a passive income from trading cryptocurrency while they keep their jobs.

Tip: Register with The News Spy TODAY (20.05.2022). Unfortunately, the free trial version will no longer be available after 21/05/2022. Start Free Trail Now.

To help new investors decide on which auto trading platform to use, we have reviewed The News Spy; our experience with this auto trader has been excellent as you will read in this report.

We chose to review The News Spy because it is already becoming very popular but we know that new investors will be skeptical about using it until our team has tested the auto trader. We have and it’s all good news. The News Spy works perfectly.


The News Spy is one of the excellent auto trading systems for cryptocurrency that has been introduced to investors recently. The auto trader has already had so many good reviews from the public. We found out that many users are making over $1,500 daily with The News Spy, which is why my team decided to test it and write our report. We wanted to find out if The News Spy is as good as they say it is, and recommend it to our audience. We want more people to get involved with cryptocurrency trading now that it is so easy to get started.

The News Spy Tips & Tricks
    • Find out how automatic trading works
    • Invest small amounts
    • Pay out your profits regularly
    • Start with the demo version
    • Your profits must be taxed

The cryptocurrency market is thriving; there is so much money and financial opportunities for traders. It will be great if more people can become financially liberated with their earnings from trading cryptocurrency.

With The News Spy, the dream of achieving financial freedom is easily achievable because the auto trading system works perfectly. For this review, we confirmed so many things about The News Spy; first, we ascertained that it is a legit auto trading platform by checking the registration details for The News Spy.

With everything perfect, we proceeded with our review.The News Spy benefits

Is the News Spy Legit?

Yes, The News Spy is a confirmed auto trading platform for cryptocurrency. We were also happy with the outcome of our tests; we found out that The News Spy has a simple layout that makes it easy for everyone to use the auto trading platform without having any special trading skills.

Here’s a summary of our discoveries after testing the News Spy platform;

  • The trading processes on The News Spy is completely automated, busy people can use the platform and there is no need to quit your day job because using the auto trader requires only a few minutes of your time daily.
  • The site can be accessed with a web browser on laptops or mobile devices. We also confirmed that user data and funds on the trading platform are secure.
  • The starting deposit on The News Spy is $250; it is affordable, unlike many other trading robots for cryptocurrency.
  • The withdrawal system is fast and there is a 24/7 customer support team ready to offer assistance when needed.
  • Please click this link to get started.

The benefits of auto trading systems for cryptocurrency

We are excited about the results that we obtained after reviewing The News Spy. The auto trader is excellent, and there are no hassles. Everyone who wants to start earning a passive income from the cryptocurrency market can get started because we found so many benefits of using this auto trader. The News Spy is easy to use, throughout our tests, all we needed to do was make a few clicks and the system was working. The simple layout on the trading platform is easy to understand.

Making money with The News Spy is easier because of the sophisticated algorithm that works with a smart AI-system. We are impressed with the programming done on the auto trader.

The minimum deposit is also very affordable, we have seen many auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency that require investors to deposit over $1,000 before they can use the auto-trading feature. We appreciate the fact that the developers of The News Spy have lowered the minimum deposit to make the auto trader more affordable for a wider audience.

During our preliminary checks, my team discovered that The News Spy was created by a genius and expert cryptocurrency trader named John Mayers. He is well known in the cryptocurrency circles as one of the biggest gainers in the industry who leverages technology to get ahead of the market competition.


  • simple operation
  • only 250.00 dollars of starting capital
  • excellent customer service
  • the software supports trades
  • free demo account
  • high returns
  • 24 hours pay-out


  • No free choice of brokers

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How the News Spy works

The concept is simple. The auto trading robots on The News Spy scan the cryptocurrency market to identify the best trading opportunities. When a good deal is found, the trading robots secure it on behalf of the investor. And a completed deal ends with a massive profit. The profit margin on this auto trading platform is so high because the trading system is fast enough to secure and complete the best deals in the market.The News Spy how it works

Our New Spy Account

We have an account on the platform. My team needed to create an account because we had to have an experience with the auto-trading feature. Here is a breakdown of how we created the account;

Step 1: Account Registration

This was a very easy process. We only had to provide information such as an account name, password, and email, and phone number to get through this stage. The information on our form was verified and the account promptly approved.

1. Open a free account

You must provide your full name, email address, password and phone number.

2. Make a deposit

You can choose whether you want to pay the minimum required amount or whether you want to invest a higher amount. Choose your preferred payment method.

3. Start trading

With the trading dashboard now accessible, you can check your status and make withdrawals.

Step 2: Making a Deposit

We made a deposit of $250 by using a MasterCard; this was another fast process that was completed in seconds. The other payment options we found on the site include Visa, PayPal, Webmoney, Skrill, and others. We are happy that the developers have added convenient options that can be used to fund the accounts from any part of the world. We discovered that The News Spy is available in 130 countries.

Step 3: Demo trading

The demo trading feature is used to experience the auto trading process without the use of real money. It is an absolute replica of the real trading platform.

Tip: Register with The News Spy TODAY and use the free trial version. Start Free Trail Now.

Step 4: Live Trading

We used the live trading feature for seven hours. We needed to closely study how the automated trading system works. It was a great experience; we did not need to do anything. The trading robots did all the work. The automated process with this feature is the best thing to happen in cryptocurrency trading. Investors only need to spend a few minutes with the auto trader daily and earn so much money after a live trading session is completed.

Features of the News Spy Trading Software

Payout system

We monitored the payout system on The News Spy, it was fast and accurate. Payout is calculated after live trading sessions, and there is no delay.

Verification System

The verification system checks different processes on the auto trading platform. It will be difficult to hack accounts because of the verification system.

Withdrawal and Deposits

We were impressed with the withdrawal and deposit systems. There are no delays and the entire process is secure. We discovered that withdrawals on The News Spy are processed within 24-hours, which is really impressive.

Service fees

After earning a profit, a fee is deducted from the investors’ earnings as the official service fee. We can confirm that this is a transparent process.

Tip: Register with The News Spy TODAY (20.05.2022). Unfortunately, the free trial version will no longer be available after 21/05/2022. Start Free Trail Now.

User Testimonials

There is a page for testimonials on the site. We found so many testimonials that have been posted by happy investors who are making money with The News Spy daily.

Customer Service

We tested the customer support system; it is fast, responsive and works in real-time, 24/7.


The team of brokers on the platform monitors the auto trading process to ensure that investors make a profit every day.The News Spy information

Guidelines for beginners

We have written some tips to help beginners to start making money quickly with The News Spy;

Start small

Instead of making a huge deposit, start with the minimum $250 value, grow your capital slowly, and get used to the auto trading system.

Withdraw and save your profit

This should be done after each live trading session.

Focus on the market

If you have the time read about the cryptocurrency market to know the current trends.

Invest your disposable income

It is best to invest your disposable income instead of other funds that you have saved for crucial projects.

Is there a Mobile App for News-Spy?

No, the mobile app for The News Spy has not been created. We could easily use the auto trader on any web browser, mobile devices and laptops can be used without any issues.

The News Spy Review: Our Conclusion

It is always a pleasure when we discover auto trading systems such as The News Spy that can be used by many people to become very rich.


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After our experience, we recommend this auto trader to our audience because it is secure, fast, and easy to use. We were able to easily withdraw our earnings without any problems. Everyone can start earning a passive income with The News Spy.

Overall rating:


How can I start using The News Spy?

It is very simple, creates an account, makes a deposit and activates the auto-trading feature. The system does all the work for you.

Is The News Spy secure?

Yes, all information on the auto trading platform is encrypted.

How much is required to create an account?

It is free; you will not need to pay any money to create your News Spy account.

How fast is the withdrawal process?

Investors who need funds quickly can have their withdrawal requests processed and completed in less than 24-hours.

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