Ukraine’s two largest tech wholesalers accept bitcoin

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

Techno Їzhak and Stylus will both accept bitcoin. For the average Dutch person, these names may be unknown and meaningless, but they are two of the largest technology-focused retailers in Ukraine.

Bitcoin payments

Local news medium Obozrevatel writes that the two tech retailers will accept bitcoin for goods and services. Stylus is a wholesale company for electronic items founded in 2008.

They are going to use the payment provider called Whitepay. This is the subsidiary of the European crypto exchange WhiteBIT. Besides Ukraine, they also operate in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

According to reports, the cooperation allows Ukrainians to pay with bitcoin both on the webshop and in physical shops. This would involve more than 100 locations.

A separate cash register system has been created with Whitepay’s service that generates an additional bitcoin QR code. Here one can also see the current exchange rate and, for example, the time taken for the transaction.

Techno Їzhak previously worked with Whitepay on gift cards with the hryvnia, the local currency, and also USDT.


According to reports, Ukrainian interest in bitcoin has grown during the Russian invasion. Earlier, President Zelensky signed an “On Virtual Currency” law. This provides a legal framework for bitcoin.

The country also accepted bitcoin donations to purchase additional defence equipment. More than $54 million in crypto currency has since been donated, and has been used for drones, software, and other military supplies.

Partly for this reason, the government of Finland was planning to donate bitcoin to Ukraine, which had confiscated it. However, Finnish politicians find the direct sending of bitcoin too exciting, the HS newspaper reported.

The Finnish government’s 1,291 bitcoin were seized by customs during criminal investigations.


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