Visa rolls out several Bitcoin cashback cards in Brazil and Argentina

Last Updated: 16 June 2022

Payment giant Visa has taken another major step towards fulfilling their bitcoin ambitions with the launch of new bitcoin cashback payment cards in Brazil and Argentina. Through the media company Expansión, it announced their new partnership with several companies in the South American countries.

Activities in Argentina

Visa’s new initiative follows the activities that the payment giant launched in Argentina at the end of 2021. At the time, Visa partnered with Argentine bitcoin exchange Lemon Cash to launch payment cards that give customers a 2 percent cashback in bitcoin for each transaction.

Visa is now rolling out a prepaid card in Argentina in partnership with Lemon Cash. Operations in Argentina are expanded with a partnership with Satoshi Tango, another Argentine merchant platform. Payment cards are also launched in Argentina in cooperation with the large, which is also active in South America.

Visa in Brazil

Meanwhile, Visa is not sitting still in Brazil either. In cooperation with the bitcoin bank Alterbank and the neo-bank Zro Bank, it will be launching similar payment cards in the country with the most inhabitants in South America. It is further proof that Visa is doing everything it can to jump on the bitcoin train.

Romina Seltzer, Visa’s vice president of innovation in Latin America, says: “The bitcoin ecosystem continues to pick up momentum in this region with growth in investment and increasing adoption among consumers. We will continue to evolve our strategy to offer the future of bitcoin payments to our customers and partners.”

According to the news platform cited earlier, Visa is also in the process of offering its services in Mexico, Colombia and Peru, among others. Mexico’s Bitso, another bitcoin exchange, has already announced that it will come out with its own payment card on which users will receive a bitcoin cashback for each transaction.

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