Wall Street Firms Embrace Crypto: Challenging Binance and Coinbase

Last Updated: 1 June 2023

Reputed Wall Street firms like Standard Chartered, Nomura, and Charles Schwab are venturing into the crypto space, aiming to compete with crypto-native exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. These traditional financial giants are leveraging their well-established reputation, industry expertise, and regulatory compliance to attract crypto business.


In a bid to tap into the thriving crypto market, prominent Wall Street institutions are actively involved in developing or funding their own cryptocurrency exchange and custody platforms. Standard Chartered, Nomura, and Charles Schwab are among the major players seeking to capture the attention of fund managers and investors who still hold an interest in crypto trading despite the market downturn and various scandals that plagued the industry last year. These traditional firms firmly believe that asset managers prefer dealing with established players in the financial industry, rather than relying on crypto-native exchanges like Binance.

The Appeal of Established Players

Gautam Chhugani, Senior Analyst of Global Digital Assets at Bernstein, highlights the preference of institutional investors for counterparties with a long-standing track record and regulatory oversight. Traditional financial firms, known for their pedigree and reputation, instill confidence in these investors due to their history of operating within established regulatory frameworks.

According to a recent survey conducted by EY-Parthenon, approximately 50% of the 250 asset managers surveyed stated they would consider switching from a crypto-native group to a traditional-backed company if the same services were offered. Furthermore, an overwhelming 90% of respondents expressed their trust in traditional financial groups to act as custodians for their crypto assets.

Restoring Trust Through Transparency

The collapse of several crypto firms and the exposure of alleged malpractices have severely eroded the trust of crypto investors. To address this concern, traditional financial firms are leveraging their expertise, reputation, and relatively low regulatory scrutiny to attract clients. These legacy-backed crypto platforms will be direct competitors to established players such as Coinbase and Binance, who also serve institutional clients.

Differentiating themselves, traditional finance firms are focusing on building more transparent platforms. This involves implementing measures to separate exchanges from asset custody in order to avoid conflicts of interest and reduce risk. Notably, BNY Mellon and Fidelity already operate separate crypto custody divisions, while Nasdaq is awaiting regulatory approval for its own offering.

Jez Mohideen, CEO of Laser Digital, a crypto trading and venture capital firm owned by Nomura, asserts that certain crypto exchanges are lacking in terms of best execution and pricing. Mohideen believes that the involvement of traditional firms in the crypto space will introduce more transparency and convergence in pricing, benefiting investors and further legitimizing the industry.


Prominent Wall Street firms like Standard Chartered, Nomura, and Charles Schwab are seizing the opportunity to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies. These traditional financial giants are leveraging their reputation, industry expertise, and regulatory compliance to compete with established crypto-native exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. By offering more transparent operations, separating exchanges from custody services, and addressing the concerns of investors, these legacy-backed platforms aim to attract asset managers who seek a trusted and regulated environment for their crypto investments. As the crypto market continues to evolve, the entry of traditional financial firms promises to bring increased transparency and credibility to the industry, benefiting investors and institutions alike.

As the crypto market expands, investors are actively seeking reliable platforms to capitalize on this growing asset class. Renowned Wall Street firms like Standard Chartered, Nomura, and Charles Schwab are now entering the scene, providing a trusted avenue for investors to participate in cryptocurrencies. With the promise of increased transparency and credibility, these legacy-backed platforms offer an attractive opportunity for investors to explore the world of crypto. Platforms like Crowd Millionaire and Quantum Ai can also serve as valuable resources for individuals looking to navigate the complexities of crypto investing and make informed decisions about their portfolios.

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