Water-cooled bitcoin mining farm in Argentina on the way

Last Updated: 20 September 2022

Bitcoin mining company Bitfarms is to expand into Argentina. The Canadian company is increasing its computing power to 4.1 EH/s through this expansion.

Bitcoin mining farm

The company can start using a total capacity of 50 MW. The idea is to deploy this incrementally, with 10 MW more each time.

President and COO of Bitfarms, Geoff Morphy, explains:

“With attractive electricity prices set last year under an eight-year contract with a private party, both facilities are expected to reduce the overall energy costs for our portfolio, despite rising costs in the energy market.”

Where electricity costs are rising in Europe, bitcoin miners continue to look for the cheapest energy.

With the goal of getting their hands on 4.1 EH/s, they are targeting 1.5% of the world’s computing power. The hashrate is currently hovering around and record high of 280 EH/s.


Bitfarms began developing new data centres in Argentina back in October 2021. According to the original plan, the mining farm was supposed to be finished this month. However, it has been delayed until mid-2023 due to unforeseen complications.

The company claims it will be the largest and most advanced mining site ever. Among other things, they will start working with the water-cooled Antminer S19 Pro Hydro-rigs. This is one of Bitmain’s latest flagships. Many older mining ASICs are cooled with fans, but this new series is kept cold with water.


Outside mining, Argentina is not a crazy place for bitcoin. The country is hit by inflation of 80% year-on-year. And the Argentine peso has additionally fallen 25% against the US dollar.

This is forcing citizens to look for alternatives to maintain their purchasing power. However, the path to the dollar and bitcoin are not encouraged. The central bank has imposed bans, and bitcoin owners are also being denied access to dollars.


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