XRP On-Chain Data Signals Potential for Price Surge, Echoing Previous Patterns

Last Updated: 28 June 2023

XRP, the native token of the XRP Ledger, has recently shown indications of setting the stage for a significant price pump. Analyzing on-chain data, cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez has identified a discernible pattern in the activity of daily active addresses, which has historically preceded notable price spikes in XRP. This pattern, observed on multiple occasions in the past, suggests that XRP may be preparing for a significant price increase. This article explores the historical data and market sentiment surrounding XRP, highlighting the potential for a price surge in the near future.

Previous Patterns and Price Pumps

Ali Martinez examined XRP’s daily active addresses using data from Santiment and identified a correlation between address activity and price pumps. Notable spikes in daily address activity were observed before the last three XRP price pumps, leading to substantial increases in the token’s value.

  1. January 2023: On January 6, 7, and 11, when XRP was trading slightly above the $0.3 mark, there was a significant increase in daily active addresses. These spikes in address activity were followed by a substantial increase in the value of XRP.
  2. March 2023: The most prominent price pump of the year occurred in March. On March 20, the number of active addresses jumped to an impressive 872,000. In the days following this increase, XRP’s value recorded a 48% surge.

Based on these historical patterns, the recent data reveals that XRP has maintained a daily active address count above 130,000, indicating the potential for a price surge in line with previous occurrences.

Influencer Confidence and Legal Battle

Prominent Bitcoin advocate and crypto influencer, Crypto Rover, has expressed his belief that XRP is a “must hold for the next bull run.” In a recent tweet, he shared that he has invested $250,000 in XRP over the past few weeks. This departure from his traditional emphasis on Bitcoin signifies his newfound optimism regarding Ripple’s prospects in its ongoing legal battle.

Crypto Rover’s speculation stems from the belief that a favorable outcome in Ripple’s legal battle could trigger a widespread ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (FOMO) phenomenon among investors. This unexpected advocacy for XRP by a Bitcoin maximalist suggests a shift in sentiment and highlights the potential for increased interest and investment in XRP.


The analysis of XRP’s on-chain data and historical patterns suggests the possibility of a significant price surge in the near future. The observed correlation between daily active addresses and previous price pumps underscores the potential for XRP’s value to increase. Furthermore, the endorsement of XRP by influential figures like Crypto Rover, along with optimism surrounding Ripple’s legal battle, adds to the growing confidence in the token. As market conditions evolve, it will be essential to monitor the address activity and investor sentiment surrounding XRP to gauge the likelihood of a substantial price increase.

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  • Luke Handt

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